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making dollies.
« on: July 05, 2018, 03:34:03 am »
I am a long way away from home now.
Here I met someone who was desperate and suicidal (I have met many who claim this to get attention, I have done similar myself in a manner of speaking in the past, but she is in a state where even I think that suicide might have some merit  :cry: ). I was able to persuade her to live by promising her that I will send a spirit to live with her and share her life, this will change everything.

The spirit I have contacted is the ancient Sumerian goddess Ereshkigal, the Great Lady of the Wide Earth, sister of Inanna, goddess of the dead. Considering she is so well known for her apathy and indifference, I was surprised to find that this goddess is actually quite willing to go along with this, in fact she seems eager.

I have obtained permission from this person who I care about to go ahead, she has given me her hair, her tears, her menstrual blood, her full name and she will soon send me a token of her will, something that can not be obtained by force or by coercion but only given freely. Once I have completed the dolly I am making in her image, I will carry out ancient Mesopotamian funeral rites on her and bury her in a cemetery or other place of death on a night of the new moon after throwing dirt from and abandoned tomb over her (yes, I have access to this).

In doing this I am offering this person's etemmu in the "body" of the dollie as a substitute payment so that the sacred of the Kur are not violated and as such, allowing the spirit of this netherworldly goddess to have influence over this person's life while she is alive.

Do you have any suggestions on ways I can improve this strong medicine?

- I do have to add this, since this unfortunate goddess has a very bad reputation.
The Goddess Ereshkigal is not 'evil' as Christian academics portrayed her, in the original Mesopotamian scriptures she is portrayed as being very stubborn (like her sister Inanna) and as having insatiable appetites, but she is not interested in human sacrifice. Offerings of human life were made so that the sacred laws of the Netherworld were not violated, the ancients believed that this would cause great imbalance and chaos on a cosmic level neither gods, nor mortals could leave the netherworld without a substitute being found to take their place, but this is not Ereshkigal demanding human lives, it's more like cosmic bureaucracy. Furthermore, if you think about it (and this is reflected in ancient Mesopotamian texts such as the Epic of Gilgamesh) it is the fate (personified as Namtaru, vizier of the netherworld) of all man to travel to the land of no return, Ereshkigal is indifferent to this so long as the sacred laws are followed and so she would gain nothing by receiving a human life ahead of it's time according to the ancient Mesopotamians. In my experience of the Lady, she is a powerful but indifferent earth spirit, not a 'demon', I have had experience of very unpleasant spirits before and I am not eager to make their acquaintance once again.

My friend wants to die, nothing in my power to say or do can change that at this time. I believe that the influence of a powerful deity will have nothing but positive consequences in her life. While my methods may resemble those used in "black magic" and curses, the result will be the opposite. Contact the goddess if you wish, don't expect a warm welcome, but feel free to ask her if what I say is true. I am not particularly interested in discussing whether what I am doing is 'right' or 'wrong' according to your beliefs, but I am intersted in advice, if you have suggestions for achieving the same result in a different way I would be very happy to hear those.
Again, thank you
Peace and Blessings
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