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Feel the Pulse
« on: April 21, 2016, 06:37:55 pm »

While this may be presumptuous in appearance I want to assure you that it is not.  As musings go, some should be shared and some not.  I sincerely hope that this is one that should be shared.

Ba mahk literally means to Feel the Pulse.  On the surface it is a simple concept, yet the intricacies of this are vast and far reaching.  It allows you to connect on a very basic level with the World Song, to hear beyond what is in the physical world, yet also to hear in great detail what is in the physical world.

We all practice some form of meditation.  The question is to what end?  This is a very personal question, and the reasons differ from person to person.  The important thing is that we know what our reasons are.

Now what has this to do with the World Song and Ba Mahk?
In meditation the key is stillness.  It starts with stillness of the body, the emotions, the spirit, then the mind, and eventually the soul.  This corresponds to the concept of the elements in progressive order of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and the Void.  The energetic concepts behind the elements are of critical importance in leading our Ki, our energy, to stillness.  Working up through the elements from densest (Earth) to The Void, we lead the energy into a space where it is free to roam. 
Without the mundane distractions, energy moves at will and, according to Universal Law, achieve harmony and balance.  Now this is not just harmony and balance on the physical plane.  This is becoming attuned to the movement of energy in all the things around us.  We are all created from the same energy after all, its just our physical manifestation and structures that differ.

Harmony and balance is the concept of T? (Harmony with the Universe) and Zai (Control of the Elements of Nature).  (Just a word to elaborate on Zai.  It is not to control the elements, but to be in rhythm with the flow of the elements, the seasons, day and night, etc.)

Achieving harmony and balance brings us closer to Feeling the Pulse.
The moment we start feeling the energies moving around, we start to feel the unique rhythms. 
The moment we start moving in accordance with these rhythms, we start to feel the pulse.  This is not only true for outside energies from our surroundings but also our internal energies. 

All this theory, but what does it mean?  Lets look at this practically. 

Why am I tired tonight?  Yes, it has been a long and stressful day.  Yes, I’ve not eaten, as I should have.  Yet, if I take a moment and feel the pulse I also know that none of that is the actual reason.  The actual reason is that I’m worried about a loved one.  It is eating at me, draining me of power.  This knowledge of your inner pulse empowers you. 
Why am I tired when I walk into the house? Lets feel the pulse.  Ah, the stagnant water and the dead flowers in the kitchen should be taken out and replaced.
Simple things, but we are attuned to our surroundings – this is called cham hai.

Now meditation doesn’t only occur seated in lotus position, it occurs also in our daily life, working in the “zone”, where a solution to a problem jumps out at you and you instinctively know which course to take.  That is because you felt the pulse. 
Gardening, tending to the plant kingdom with loving care, that is feeling the pulse. 
Instinctively knowing when a loved one is down, and how to cheer them up.  Feeling the pulse.
Just knowing where a piece of furniture should go in your house.  That is feeling the pulse.
That is hearing the World Song.
So I encourage you to take a moment, become still and tune in to yourself and your surroundings. Feel the pulse.
In the midst of chaos, stop. Feel the pulse.

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Re: Feel the Pulse
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2016, 02:56:42 pm »
Thank You for your thoughts.  I try and meditate daily. I have made peace with my monkey mind by reminding myself that at each
"interruption" that "It is just a thought" But the quiet now stretches seconds and that is good for me. It is getting easier and I have been at it for years!

But what I would like to address, is your use of the Void as an Element. Usually the fith element is referred to as Spirit and other times wood or metal (which many include in earth as I understand it)

 Though I feel your piece is to inspire/encourage meditation I would like to understand your use of the term because Void to me is something very different.

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Re: Feel the Pulse
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2016, 05:04:18 pm »
The Void can be equated to Spirit yes.  It is very much a martial arts term.  Spirit in my mind is the Great Spirit, in line with Shamanic traditions as I see them. 
The Void is a state of nothingness, not in a bad way, but akin to the vast emptiness of space.
It is mushin no-shin, meaning mind no-mind.  It is a state where you see everything, perceive everything objectively.  Very much like the quiet you experience when the monkey mind stops moving and chattering.  It is not zanshin, absolute concentration.  Rather it is the opposite calm awareness with the potential to move into motion instinctively, purely without any preconceived notions of what will come and how to react.  That potential for pure movement is what gives it its energy, and for my qualifies it as an element.

I also agree that, in the mother son sequence the elements include metal between earth and water.  I use that sequence with Eastern Astrology, Feng Shui, Accupressure, TCM, etc.  It is purely a personal preference to use the Void when meditating, or training.

I hope that this helps, but feel free to ask more :-)

It is awesome that you manage to quiet your mind during meditation.  It is a slow and tedious process.  And just when you think you have it, then the monkey strikes again.  The Ox in Zen. We get stuck so often between riding the Ox (if we are luck), only to fall off.

So, keep on meditating.  And Blessed Be.

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Re: Feel the Pulse
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2016, 08:51:40 am »
Wow! I really found this all very interesting. Thank you for this
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