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War on Cancer
« on: January 13, 2015, 10:24:09 am »
Hello again.
If you want to skip part of this, skip what I write, I'm just the annoying one who makes the introduction and shares some insights and opinions, my mother will join you shortly, she has done much research on the topic and will probably have something useful to say, also because of her experience.

Our family obsesses over this disease for good reason, it can genetic and I have the genes from both sides of the family, I also have red hair and quite pale skin, meaning I'm in a very high risk group. Just over a year ago my father died of cancer, this was devastating to my mother who is a healer, yet nothing she could do seemed to help him – of course it did not occur to her at the time that if the entire oncology ward of a major hospital couldn't help him, she should not feel so bad. Guess it kind of didn't help that we had a really cute pet rat who died of the same disease shortly after.
My mother was put of trying to heal people for a while after that, I was encouraged to gather everything we have learnt through our various means, this is something we are working on. It is also something I'd love you to help us with by sharing whatever you know on the subject.

What do we do?
'Alternative healers' have a very bad reputation for trying to voodoo cancer away, typically we are blamed for convincing someone we can cure them when we can't and causing them to miss out on the proper medical treatment which would have allegedly saved their lives.
I think it is very important that we discuss the reality of the situation here. There are con artists and there are people who think they know what they are doing, but they actually don't, this has been the bane of 'alternative healing' since modern western medicine came into being.
Without letting fake healers off the hook, I'd like to point out that there are some who have used methods other than modern western medicine to cure cancer, further, if we look at the number of people modern western medicine has failed to save, we get a clearer picture.
With that having been said, if you or someone you love gets cancer or suspects that they might have it, you can pray, meditate, remain positive and you can deny the disease agency in your life, but PLEASE go and get checked by a properly qualified medical doctor and get a second opinion as well. Find out as much as you can from the qualified medical doctors and check with them on whether you 'alternative' treatment will conflict with what they say.
If you, or someone you love has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer or worse, particularly if the person is over 50, you have to accept that there is a strong chance that you or they won't be around for much longer.
Now I'm accused of being morbid and defeatist, where's the “positive attitude” - after all, if we don't think we are going to get better and don't allow ourselves the chance to get better, if we just lie around and say “I'm dying!” all day, we will definitely perish. Be positive about life, be positive about healing, it is quite possible and there are many stories of people who have recovered despite the odds being against them. Go out expecting a sunny day, but pack an umbrella just in case. I've heard of many, many cases of people who 'should have died' making a complete recovery, I've not once heard of someone achieving bodily immortality through 'being positive' – specifics of the disease notwithstanding, everyone will die at some point, some things are just slightly beyond our control. Please remain positive in your outlook, but please don't go into denial, cover your eyes and say “it's not happening”, don't hide the truth from people who care about you, only suffering will come from this.

I'll share some of what I have learnt about fighting cancer with you.
I have some insights into the nature of the disease which are not strictly medical and should be taken in conjunction with a comprehensive medical understanding of what is going on.
I also have some suggestions for treatment (and prevention) involving energy, rock, herbs and a few other strange notions, and by the time I've finished, I hope my mom will have been able to compile what she has researched as well as her experience treating this disease in humans and pets. She'll probably give you herbs and stuff about your diet – I can tell you that what she says will include that you must stop smoking and eliminate refined sugar – that makes people get annoyed with her, but it is true nevertheless.

Can we cure cancer? Possibly.
Can it be cured? Yes, it is being cured and as we compare notes and open ourselves to new ways of improving our lives and new methods of treatment, we will find it easier and easier to cure.
There is no miracle drug or herb we have yet discovered which zaps this disease into oblivion, but until the discovery of such a cure, we can fight this war with whatever we have on hand.
Even if there is someone we can't save, even if you or I are that someone, even if we make mistakes along the way, we can collect and share what we learn and if we remain honest about what works and what doesn't, we can make some progress.
This is not a thread about how drug companies are trying to deceive you or about how all our problems will be solved if we just legalise marijuana mon. Leave whichever conspiracies to people who have the time on their hands to ponder such things, this is for fighters who want to role up their sleeves and get dirty, we will go with what works. This bloody stupid woman came and told my mother that her sister (over 70) had cancer and that my mother had to help her, but she only wanted herbs from the bible. Really! You can't be fussy, throw away ideologies and prejudice.
Please don't be afraid to share anything you know or even what you feel or suspect, if we're honest and open we can learn more and perhaps even save lives.
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2015, 12:10:18 pm »
What is Cancer?

You know I hate posting links to other websites (just a personal thing) but I fear my own skill at explaining this, even my knowledge on the topic could do with a little dusting off, also I don't want to appear to suggest that I'm some authority on the matter – personal tragedies are not any kind of qualification - I have 2 university degrees and a diploma behind my name, but they are all related to languages and culture, I have no medical qualification whatsoever, (even though I'd really like to get first aid up to level 3). Yes, I know that there is a lot of rubbish out there on the internet, but I'm willing to bet that almost anything out there will explain it better and suggest you read a variety of websites to get a comprehensive understanding.
For the purposes of what I'm going to say, I have to share a rather crude and possibly not 100% accurate notion of what I'm talking about, Please correct me if I get something wrong!
A lot of info is out there on the internet, really, you have no excuse for not looking this stuff up yourself... except that it's difficult to digest and often very technical. These are websites which tell you stuff in a way which can be understood and don't spend 90% of the time trying to sell you stuff you might not even need (hopefully) there are many more and you can never know too much, but you can know too little.

Ok, so Cancer is a disease which we need to understand on a cellular level.
Basic high school biology, cells store information on how to make more cells and do all kinds of fun stuff and neat tricks in their DNA.
In order to reproduce, cells need to make enough DNA for 2.  To do this the cells dismantle and rebuild their DNA strands.
Sometimes there are a few bugs in the copy process, we can find nucleotides (the building blocks of DNA) in the wrong sequence – this can lead to fun mutations, it is this which gives rise to evolution and makes the planet we live on such an interesting place.
Sadly if can also go horribly wrong for a number of reasons I'll get into soon (they involve DNA making little circle thingies which go wherever they please, these are called 'free radicals' and I'll tell you more about them when I start on anti-oxidants). When it does it can lead to a new type of cell being formed which is damaged and can't do what is is supposed to in your body.
These cells are in some ways similar to 'stem cells'; they reproduce at a scary rate and can chance into different types of cell – unfortunately, they mostly just kill you. Cancer cells can invade important tissues and cause severe damage to you stuff.
Because cancerous cells reproduce so fast, they tend to cluster together to form tumours – neat little packages of cancer can easily be removed surgically, but things are not always that simple – cancer cells are damaged cells and they can break off the tumours and enter the bloodstream. Being small and mostly the same as your cells, your body doesn't recognise them as a threat, because they are similar to stem cells, they can pass from blood vessels into tissues and start new colonies in your various organs.
Cancer cells are microscopic, some types are less prone to break off and move elsewhere, but they might change into a sort which can.
We will mainly find that in modern western medicine, when they remove cancerous tumours, another form of treatment accompanies this. It is because they can't be sure that all the cancer in your body is in that 1 little lump – this is actually quite rare.
How does it kill you in the end? Basically, cancer cells aren't team players, they don't have jobs as other cells in your body do, they take food, oxygen, stuff you need and don't give anything in return – actually, sometimes they can apparently spew crud into your bloodstream, but that's not what kills you – the cancer puts a huge strain on your system, this is bad since most of our systems are already strained to breaking point. They reproduce too fast and take too much out of our body, organs are damaged, blood vessels blocked, immune system can be compromised, if it gets into your lymph system – urgh... ugly! Cancer breaks your body from within. Cancerous growths can block off blood supply, prevent your organs from functioning properly, or spread very fast and then die “eating holes” in your junk.
One more thing you need to know: Cancer hurts like hell! Not always, some people have lived with it for years without knowing, but definitely towards the end, it is severely painful.

What causes cancer?
Some people can inherit forms of cancer, some people are just genetically predisposed to getting it (yes, I'm one of those lucky winners!), other common causes cited are:
toxic chemicals in food, smoking, toxic chemicals in the air, artificial hormones in food, GMO foods and cotton (check that one out, it sounds quite paranoid to me!), deficiencies in your diet, radiation, sun, the bloody sun, you know that big fiery thing which plants need to photosynthesise, the source of our light and heat on earth? Turns out it gives you cancer, it kills you – bugger!, poisons in the environment, certain viruses,  stress, I mean you could be getting cancer stressing out while reading about all the things which give you cancer!
-basically it comes down to this: modern living gives you cancer.
Cancer has been around forever and you could get it in the stone age, but you're more likely to get it now.
For a more complete understanding please consult books, websites, doctors, etc I'm just talking about things which might come up in what I have to say.

Whenever my mother or I get any kind of sore lump which doesn't go away, especially in a place which has been sunburned often, we assume the worst! My boss says that “cancer is like the flu these days, everybody gets it, you don't want to even go to the doctor and find out if you have it or not!”  Since I've only had very small sore lumps which haven't grown, I have not spent vast sums of money going to the doctor, however using a number of methods I was able to reduce and remove some of these. Unfortunately, we won't know if they were actually skin cancer or not until I have to go to a doctor for another reason and ask that they be checked if I have any at that point or just that where they were be checked? For this reason I can't yet speak first hand and say that things I've done to myself work or don't work against cancer – I'm making no claims here, only speaking about things I've tried  - for all I know the sore lumps were just sore lumps which got better on their own. I am however going to see a doctor because it will be necessary when I take the career path I'm going for and I'll be sure to ask then and come back and say “told you so” or quickly correct my mistakes!

Ok, well I realise how dodgy this sounds, but I 'spoke to' the cancer infesting my little pet rat Stan, after losing my dad and seeing this little guy going the same way I wanted to turn my perception towards getting as much insight and understanding as I could. Stan developed cancer after the other rat James died, he was alone and we tried to give him as much love and attention as possible but he got sick and we took him to the vet only to learn that he had cancer. She said that it was possible to cure, that there were treatments, but that in the end the best thing we could do was keep him comfortable and hope and pray he got better, otherwise she could put him down. We did, he didn't she did.
In this time I used my healing abilities on him without (permanent) effect, I also used my healing senses to find out what was going on inside him. It wasn't nice. To me, cancer felt hot and in pain. Like I said, cancer is a disease we need to understand at a cellular level, it felt to me as if each cell was in pain.
A lot of people seem to express reservations about using forms of energy or vibration healing on cancer, the suggestion is that these treatments are used to help tissues heal by encouraging cells to reproduce and that is the LAST THING you want with cancer. What my intuition told me is that in cancer the cells themselves are badly damaged, they don't 'want' to cause damage, but they are suffering and can't find a way to live in the body.
I feel that the philosophy of modern western medicine is partly to blame for how long it's taking us to find a cure: in modern western medicine we distinguish 'injury' from 'disease', 'injury' is when there is damage, 'disease' is when something invades the body. Our approach to cancer has been to treat it like a 'disease', perhaps we shouldn't look at it as the invasion of another country, but more along the lines of people being thrown out of their homes and then having to illegally occupy other land? Maybe we should ask them what's wrong?

With sound and vibration, I just don't know, I think there might be a good vibration for cancer, but I really don't know.
Regarding energy and intention, I think that we need to send healing to the cells individually (they can turn into harmless cells) but there are millions of them, we need to send healing to each cell, this requires great focus.
Another thing I've done is use a rock.
We have a piece of a green stone at home, to me it looks like a piece of green jade with small red and yellow flecks. I'm giving you a photo just in case I have the wrong name for the right stone.
I channelled healing energy through this into a sore lump I had and it seemed to feel less 'hot' and itchy, but more importantly less painful. Shortly afterwards the area became less inflamed and a while later had visibly reduced in size. I have been using this stone for some time and that sore place on my neck feels better. I'd like to try this healing on someone who has been diagnosed with cancer to see if it helps them, but I don't want to cause them to not take their medication or anything like that – and of course the doctors will claim that the treatment they gave just took a while to kick in or something.
I'd like to hear from a proper crystal healer, what are the healing properties of green jade, could it be used to treat cancer?

I also have a theory about cancer and emotion, my mom loves this kind of thing, you know, dislocations being from rejection, etc...  I think that stress and failure to accept things might, if not cause cancer, then surely not help it get better.

I really want to talk about herbs, that is something I know a little about, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on energy healing and cancer, also feel free to pull my summarised explanation apart, there might be some idiot who uses what I say as a primary resource!
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2015, 10:34:24 pm »
Prevention is the best you can do, let me quote Nutrition Facts and following these guidelines will also improve your chances if you already have it:


Cancer is the #2 killer in the United States, and diet is the #1 cause of cancer (see also here, here, here). Why might doctors not know this? Because they may have never have learned about it.
[/size][/color]The balance of evidence suggests that whole food, plant-based diets may help prevent (see also here, here, here, here, here), treat, slow(see also here), and even reverse cancer progression (see also here).Some reasons why plant-based diets may be effective include lowering methionine intake (see also here), inhibiting angiogenesis, intercepting carcinogens, and increasing the consumption fiber (see also here) and antioxidants. Populations eating diets centered around whole plant foods have lower rates of cancer. Eating lots of fruits and vegetablesat least 9 daily servings (despite flawed studies to the contrary) may boost detoxifying enzymes, lower inflammation, lower cholesterol, and make for healthier bowel movements (here too), ridding onself of excess estrogen and cholesterol (see also ).[/font]
[/size][/color]On the other hand, meat consumption may increase the risk of cancer (especially processed meats (here , here)—something of which themeat industry is aware), increase risk of death, and decrease cancer survival (here , here). Cooking meats produce estrogenic carcinogenscalled heterocyclic amines (see also here). Smoked fish also contains high levels of carcinogenic compounds. Boiling meat, however, may lower exposure these toxins. Eggs and cheese may produce heterocyclic amines as well. Even inhaling the vapors from cooking meat (such as bacon see also here) or coming in contact with farm animals may pose a risk. Cholesterol found in animal products has been linked to increased breast cancer risk. Unfortunately, statin drugs (cholesterol lowering drugs) are also associated with a higher risk.[/font]
[/size][/color]Another reason meat consumption is associated with an increased cancer risk could be the Neu5Gc molecule found in meat that may be triggering inflammation. Certain tumors thrive in an inflammatory setting, so our immune system might be feeding tumor growth (see alsohere). Another explanation for the association of meat and cancer is insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which has been linked to cancerbased in part on studies of Laron Syndrome (a type of dwarfism). Those eating plant-based diets have less IGF-1, because the consumption of animal protein increases the levels of IGF-1. Though IGF-1 is an anabolic protein, blood levels are not associated with improved muscle mass. Soy consumption might not lower or raise the levels of IGF-1, depending on the quantity consumed (see also here).[/font]
[/size][/color]Poultry may significantly increase one’s risk for a variety of blood cancers, perhaps due to the dioxins, drugs, or viruses in chicken meat. Chicken meat may also contain arsenic (see also here and carcinogenic heterocyclic amines (especially when grilled). Poultry may increase the risk of liver, pancreatic, :censor:  cancer and cause warts if handled raw. Choline in eggs has been linked to increased risk of prostate cancer. Cows’ milk contains hormones (especially skim) that may promote cancer (see also here) regardless of whether it’s organic or not(see also here). Dairy accelerates the aging enzyme, TOR,higher risk of cancer. . Both meat and dairy may also contribute to melatonin suppression, which can increase cancer risk.[/font]
[/size][/color]Animal protein intake may increase the risk of premature puberty due to chemical pollutants in meat, which may put children at higher riskfor cancer later in life. Once one is diagnosed with cancer, cutting down on saturated animal fat may improve cancer survival. On the other hand, soy foods contain phytoestrogens, which may help prevent premature puberty and have been shown to both help prevent breast cancer and improve breast cancer survival (see also here).[/font]
[/size][/color]Green tea and many herbal varieties may also be protective (see also here. Among fruits, berries may be the best for cancer prevention, in part because they may help block cell-DNA damage. Organic strawberries appear to work better than conventional. Cranberries are especially effective at fighting cancer, at least in a petri dish (see also here).See #1 Anticancer Vegetable (and the prequel Veggies vs. Cancer) for a comparison of the cancer-fighting properties of a wide array of vegetables in vitro. Broccoli might be the best vegetable for fighting breast cancer.[/font]
[/size][/color]Other foods that have been associated with anti-cancer properties are broccoli (here, here, here, here, and here), greens, Indian gooseberries (against cancer cell growth and invasion), dragon’s blood, chili peppers, nuts (especially walnuts see also here, here), coffee,cocoa, red rice, black beans, fiber in general, black pepper, mushrooms (especially white button see also here, here), flax seeds (especially with regards to for prostate cancer and breast cancer see also here, here, here), Ceylon cinnamon, apples (especially their peel), tomatoes, the seaweed nori, strawberries, black raspberries, blueberries, garlic, sweet potatoes, and small amounts of licorice.Populations eating a lot of turmeric have lower cancer rates, and turmeric has been shown to block carcinogens (especially in colorectal cancer) and reprogram cancer cell death, and has even be used as a topical cancer treatment. Phytates in beans have also been shown to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate cancer cells in preclinical studies. Also make sure to get an hour of exercise every day, sleep 7-hours every night, and reduce one’s exposure to tanning beds , cell-phone radiation. , CT Scans , and dental x-rays>dental x-rays.[/font]
[/size][/color]Vitamin C pills, folic acid, multivitamins and some other supplements including iron and lutein, homeopathy, and Ayurvedic supplementsmay be useless or worse. Exposures known to increase cancer risk include alcohol (see also here – although some grapes in red wine may prove beneficial), marijuana, acrylamide in crispy carbs such as French fries, betel nuts, caramel coloring, red dye No. 3found in certain mouthwashes, industrial chemical pollutants (specifically cadmium, fungal toxins sometimes found in apple juice, kimchi, and yerba mate.[/font]
[/size][/color]Dr. Greger covers cancer in his full-length presentations:• Uprooting the Leading Causes of DeathMore Than an Apple a Day: Combating Common DiseasesFrom Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases with Food[/font]
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2015, 12:54:31 pm »
Thanks hugely: I apreciate as much imput as I can get.
It was my intention on starting this thread that people could share their knowledge as well as experiences.
Yup, prevention is always a good idea, even if you think that there's no way in hell you're going to get it! I was being flippant about "modern life causes cancer", but seriously, you should take precautions :!:
However, change your diet and you still stand a risk of getting it through breathing in carcinogenic poisons which at some point became acceptible to spew into the air. And no, I'm not just jumping on smokers here - industry is just as much to blame.

I happen to know some things you can try which won't kill you and won't significantly impact on your lifestyle (apart from giving up smoking, there, now I've said it, happy?) I also know some alledged "cures" which will not help much, or will help in the same way that using an atom-bomb will help reduce crime.
Got to sort some stuff out and double-check everything before I post it though.
Try not to die of cancer before I post the crucial stuff which will save your life  :wink:
Feel free to correct what I have to say.
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2015, 01:06:16 pm »
Please bear in mind that I'm not qualified to practice medicine and that you should check out what I have to say for yourself. Also I try to phrase things in a way which I hope is 'approachable' - but some of you will just find irritating- this is because a lot of what I'm reading can be very technical and I find it hard to understand, so I'd rather go for something too simple and hope you check the details out for yourself.

I'm starting on herbs and their uses in treating/preventing cancer, after which my mom will have a lot to say. Before I start, I don't know everything about herbs and I haven't tried all of them – I don't even know if I have cancer or not (it's just likely that I'll get it because of factors I've mentioned); so what I've done is gone through things I've had experience with and things my close friends have tried, I've researched the hell out of them and written what I know.

Before I start with all of this:
Very important!
many herbs I discuss will be unsuitible for use by people on prescription medication, especially anti-depressants and blood-thinners. My advice is to stop taking such toxic 'medicines' becasue it's not the herb's fault you're poisoning yourself. Also, if you're on blood-thinning meds and have cancer you're pretty much <organically comprimised> anyway, and I don't think any doctor worth his lisence would prescribe happy pills to someone who's depressed because they have cancer, but just to be sure, don't take herbs if you're already taking scary medication! Check with doctor.
Two important things which will come up over and over again in the fight against cancer:
1)Vitamin C.
The first is really easy to explain and understand.
You need Vitamin C as part of your daily diet, Vitamin C is useful for healing and good for cells, quite frankly if you're not getting enough Vitamin C, cancer is only one of your worries!

Antioxidants are more difficult to explain. A lot of people think that antioxidants are things advertisers use to sell food, that is completely true, but it is also completely true that they are very important to you if you want to live beyond the age of 35!

How do they work? Aaargh! Bear with me on this please!
Ok, apartment Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. Did you know that? I didn't.
Anyway, from the little I know about organic chemistry: you get two basic reactions in any kind of chemistry, reduction and oxidation.

Oxidation involves the removal of an electron (making you more positive, heh-heh, being positive leads to cancer!) which often leads to an oxygen atom jumping in because oxygen has electrons to spare. Oxidation is normally described as similar or related to to burning.

Oxidation leads to free radicals as described a little earlier.

Oxidation is linked not only to cancer, but also to inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, ageing, altzheimer's disease and infertility. 

Forms of oxidation which take place outside the body include rusting and apples turning brown. Simple experiment: cut an apple in half and sprinkle 1 half with Vitamin C powder. Leave the 2 halves standing and see which one turns brown faster.

Ok, you can't stop oxidation taking place within your body, and you wouldn't want to or else your body wouldn't work and you'd die – what you can do is to control when and to which extent it does take place. Eating foods rich in anti-oxidants will help this to happen in addition to preventing the damage caused by free radicals and limiting the damage they can do. Anti-oxidants are also widely agreed to give you a longer and healthier life.

Since many other life forms on our planet want longer and healthier lives, they have made anti-oxidants which we can eat (plants were clever enough to often put these in their fruit which means that animals who want longer and healthier lives eat the fruit and disperse the seeds for the plants) but the one thing you need to remember is that  almost without exception it is important that you eat the sources of anti-oxidant raw, fresh and whole.

So now you know, eating fresh fruit and veg will give you anti-oxidants and help prevent or even treat cancer (in case you missed Reap's post).

There are however other methods which I'd like to discuss with you.

First and foremost: Coffee:

What's good about coffee?
As it so happens, coffee is absolutely packed with anti-oxidants, very helpful ones it turns out. Coffee is also a good source of minerals including copper salts, zinc salts (the levels of these essential minerals are sometimes dangerous in coffee!) magnesium, potassium, etc... coffee contains caffeine which is an addictive drug, it is also good for the heart and the circulatory system (in moderation) – this means that not only does it give you anti-oxidants but it also helps them to get to the various parts of your body really, really fast! Caffeine is a neural stimulant meaning it helps you think of more clever ways of fighting cancer.

What's not so great about coffee?
The price of the #@&% stuff!
Nervousness, headache (also from the withdrawal [which I'm experiencing as I write this]), high blood pressure, heart problems aggravated, messes up your blood-sugar levels if not used properly (do not drink a cup of coffee with lots of sugar as 'breakfast', you will be sorry) insomnia, psychological conditions aggravated, especially schizophrenia (caffeine causes increased dopamine), addiction(! Ask me about it, I know quite a lot on this subject) more insomnia because you can't get to sleep without drinking the coffee which keeps you awake! Indigestion is a mild way of putting what it causes, coffee contains malic acid and oxalic acid, you need malic acid in small quantities, probably oxalic acid too, however in larger quantities they are toxic and really irritate the bowels – heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation (presumably not at the same time!) and even inflamed bowels which are really unpleasant.

My experience of coffee?
Unfortunately, I'm a caffeine addict and can't give you an unbiased evaluation of the health-giving properties of coffee – I do know that it contains anti-oxidants which are considered useful in treating cancer and also may help prevent altzheimer's disease. I don't know if it is a good idea to start drinking coffee if you don't, especially since there are a number of other great sources of anti-oxidants available, but I think that unless you are suffering from certain psychological/neurological disorders, heart conditions, or IBS, if you were looking for an excuse not to give coffee up, here it is.

Managing blood-sugar levels, even with coffee, is something my mother can tell you about, I have been drinking coffee for over 20 years and do not have any problems with my blood-sugar.


What's good about Cleavers?
I suppose I should start with what it is – Cleavers is a herb which has anti- inflammatory and diuretic properties, it is reputed to help fight cancer, especially good against tumours. It is recommended for cancer-like skin disorders,  cancer of the tongue and throat and the lymph system. It is very good at detoxifying your body, including liver and prevents/ treats kidney stones as well. Cleavers is rich in minerals and can cure anaemia. Taken internally as a tea it does all of the above and more.
It can be used externally as a wash to treat scary growths, whether they be cancerous or not(!) and also boils, blackheads, etc. due to its astringent properties.
It is also reputed to help in the treatment of certain forms of epilepsy.
It is considered safe to use with animals (carefully! And consult your vet first!)

What's not so good about Cleavers?
It tastes like grass!
It is also very high in tannins like tea. These can cause problems with your digestive system and it's recommended that you do not use cleavers continuously for prolonged periods internally.
I'm not sure Cleavers grows well or can even grow in South Africa, I've never come across a living Cleavers plant and the only sources I've found have been dried (presumably imported) cut herbs. It's not cripplingly expensive, but I haven't found a way to cut out the middle-man yet.

My experience of Cleavers?
I've used it as a tea on and off for a few years, my mother made me.
I've used it as a sort of poultice thing on funny growths a while ago.
When the little rat Stan was suffering from cancer we gave him some Cleavers tea which he drank, we also gave him violets he did not recover.
When my father was suffering from cancer we gave him some Cleavers tea which he drank, we also gave him violets he did not recover. I can't judge how effective Cleavers is at preventing/treating cancer, but in terminal cases it alone (or with violets) seems unlikely to save your life.

Apricot Kernels:
Apricot kernels are toxic, containing laeterite, a compound of cyanide.

What's good about apricot kernels?
Many people swear by apricot kernels, they are said to help with healing, act as a general tonic and be good for expelling worms.
Apricot kernels apparently have proven anti cancer properties (I've heard of the research, but not seen it myself).
- while few disagree that they work, there are a number of theories on how and why they work.
- one of the most popular ones is that they cyanide compounds in apricot kernels are not readily metabolised in the forms found in the kernels (so although they're poisonous, they are passed out of your body before they can do much harm).  Apparently there is a special enzyme given off by cancerous cells which causes the cyanide compounds to be broken down into more easily absorbed forms, apricot kernels therefore 'target' cancer, especially tumours.
Apricot fruit contain lots of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, eating fresh apricots will help and provide you with a ready supply of apricot kernels.
They are readily available and not that expensive.
Apricot kernels work on a similar principle to chemo, only they do SUBSTANTIALLY less damage to your body.

What's not so good about apricot kernels?
You can get used to or even grow to like the taste, but you're highly likely to die first.
Poisoning sick people with cyanide? Really?
It is not recommended that you eat more than 6 a day, but with the accumulative toxic effect, you're likely to feel the symptoms after eating only 1 a day for more than a month.
- the symptoms include:
really REALLY bad headaches, nausea, blurred vision, dizziness and I've also experienced veritgo for no good reason, irritability and aggression.

My experience of apricot kernels :
I used to eat around 2 a week for about 3 months to build up a resistance to cyanide poisoning, this is when I didn't have any suspicious potentially cancerous sores on my skin, I stopped for about 2 years. Hearing of their anti cancer properties, I started eating 1 a day every day for about 4 months, increasing it to 2 a day for another 2 months.
Whatever the funny lump was it was substantially reduced in size, but it also bled a lot, which worried me, when I stopped eating apricot kernels it stopped bleeding but seemed to grow (I should add that this was a very small skin anomaly before I get anyone too worried!)
My assessment of apricot kernels: effective, but as the Americans would say,  “nAsty!” - if you are in a state where it is a choice between dying of cancer or dying of cyanide poisoning, go for the apricot kernels, you might just not die after all.  There are however other options open to you which don't have the unpleasant side effects.

I'll post many more, including the ones I'm really going with 100% asap, I just have to do research on them so I don't tell people do go and kill themselves (again) :wink:
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2015, 10:15:17 am »


What's good about tumeric?

Tumeric is very good for the stomach, it stimulates the secretion of bile and is used to treat stomach ulcers.
Tumeric is a good anti-inflamatory, it can help with many non-cancer related ailments.
Tumeirc is 100% non-toxic and I've never heard of anyone who's allergic to it, you could give it to a baby if you didn't mind a yellow kid. However for reasons I don't understand and can't hope to explain, it is very toxic to cancer cells!
Tumeric does not work like apricot kernels which contain a toxic compound which is (allegedly) only activated in the presence of cancer. Tumeirc is healthy and good for you all the time but bad for cancer.
The properties of tumeric are not negated by cooking, drying and other usual forms of food preperation.
Tumeric will not taste great to everyone, however in the quantities it is normally used in cooking, it does not have an overpowering taste, meaning you can consume it in a number of ways.
You can not OD on tumeric, you can eat it until you turn yellow.
Tumeric is inexpensive and readily available.
The yellow pigment, cucumin, has a number of uses outside the body, it is a good dye for fabric, etc...
Any excuse to eat more curry is a good thing!

What's not so great about tumeric?

If you are suffering from gallstones or a blocked bile duct you should not take tumeric!
I don't have the apartheid style figures on racial susceptibility to diseases, but in general, Indians eat way more tumeric than anybody and as far as I know, Indians do still get cancer. So although tumeric may work, it is by no means a miracle cure.
Ok, I know I'm going to sound like I'm contradicting myself here when I said it doesn't taste so bad, but if you take it out of food, dry(!) or with water, for a long time, you will probably find the taste disgusting!
If you accidentally spill tumeric on your clothes, you'll have difficulty getting the stain out.
Tumeric will not stain your teeth – unless you chew the whole dry roots perhaps?- but it will stain your insides yellow. This doesn't sound so bad because who's going to look at your insides? However, if you are a blood donor, particularly if you have a more common blood type like O+, you'll find that they may no longer want your blood. This is because they have lots of certain types of blood which they may not be able to just give to absolutely everybody, so they break it down into its constituents, some of which are sometimes sold. I'm not saying you shouldn't donate blood, or organs, just that they may not want your yellow blood. Of course if there's someone with AB- blood and they need a transfusion urgently, as long as the donor is healthy, they don't care how much tumeric the donor ate!

My experience with tumeric:
I've been taking 1-2 teaspoons of tumeirc a day, dissolved in lemon juice. At this point I really don't enjoy the taste much, but I have never felt sick after taking it, no matter how much I've eaten.
I started taking tumeric because I used to eat apricot kernels. I was going to eat them only for a few  months to give my body a chance to recover. On taking it, I found that the minor skin anomaly I had on my neck shrank dramatically (more than it did while I was eating the apricot kernels. I also noticed that I didn't feel sick all the time while taking tumeric, so I abandoned the apricot kernels in favour of the tumeirc.


What's good about lemon?
It tastes good.
Although not the absolute best source of Vitamin C on earth, it still contains quite a bit as well as some other anti-oxidants. You can see this when you mix lemon juice with avo. Without lemon it turns brown, with lemon it stays green.
Please note: I'm very unclear on this bit and anyone who understands it should please help me out here: I heard and read about lemon being acidic, but when it goes inside your body it turns alkaline – apparently this helps with healing(?)
Lemon juice and lemon rind are good for your digestion, with the tumeric and lemon I drink every day I have great digestion (most of the time) despite how much coffee I drink.

What's not so good about lemon?

There's nothing wrong with lemon!~
The sour taste may make some people want to add sugar, the sugar is not good.
If the lemon juice comes in a lemon, it's great, if it comes in a bottle it is ok as long as it's unsweetened/flavoured and undiluted (+organic). Anything you have to dilute yourself is really bad.
Also, naturally, lemon on its own is probably not a miracle cure for cancer.

My experience of lemon juice:
Um, about the same as yours I imagine, except that I drink it with tumeric.


What's good about cancerbush?

Well, for a start it cures everything, EVERYTHING! And what it doesn't cure it prevents.
Cancerbush grows throughout the Western Cape and right in my garden!
It fights cancer in 3 ways:
- Studies show that it helps prevent cancer (anti-oxidants, bitter compounds, tonic)
- If you get cancer, cancerbush treats it, it is apparently effective on tumour and non-tumour forming cancer.
- It keeps you healthy, reducing the risk/extent of secondary infections and boosts your immune system, it has also been shown to prevent the 'wasting away' associated with cancer and with AIDS, so the rest of your body is also looked after while you're getting better.
Research is going into using cancerbush to treat HIV and AIDS! (This isn't just Zumaed research to excuse poor antiretroviral rollout)
It's non-toxic (although I can't imagine anyone drinking enough of it to do harm even if it was!)
Because it is indigenous to South Africa, South Africans won't find it prohibitively expensive and if you do, please contact me and I'll send you some at the cost it takes to get it to you.

What's not so good about cancerbush?

It tastes really bad, I mean really, really, really bad. Think rancid greenbeans mixed with earwax and add a dash of aloe, this will give you some idea.
You need to drink cancerbush tea at least 1 hour after eating and at least 1 hour before your next meal, this (combined with the taste!) makes it quite easy to forget to take.

My experience with cancerbush:

Urrrgh! Too much experience!
I've been drinking cancebush tea for years now and I grow the plants all over.
We gave it to my father (despite his protests) while he was dying of cancer and to my rat who was in the same state.
You can judge its effectiveness as a treatment in those two cases by the halos they're wearing.
Nonetheless, anyone who's kept pet rats will know that they avoid bitter food – and it's hard to get more bitter than cancerbush – but still, the little rat would drink as much as we would give him, if we put it down he'd actually drag his stricken tail over to it and drink it. This suggests to me that it was doing him some good, especially since he'd never had it before and it's not exactly tasty.

Despite the foul taste I'd recommended you drink cancerbush tea. If it doesn't cure cancer it will probably cure something.

Ok, I still have more I'd like to post, but an intersting new development might come up involving sound and cancer, I'm talking to the lady who heals people with sound.  :0:


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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #6 on: February 14, 2015, 09:16:42 pm »
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #7 on: March 03, 2015, 01:21:53 pm »
I'm trying to find out about da herb mon - funny how canabis is meant to lower your IQ, etc, but it sure as hell makes people scary clever when it comes to finding (medically/scientifically supported) reasons for using it! As someone who doesn't use it (and no, I'm not just saying that 'coz my mom will be posting on this thread sometime  :wink: ) it can be kind of hard to dicern fact from stoner talk, but luckily there's a ton of stuff on the internet which comes from actual doctors who may or may not have used marajuana.

Anyway, some things I should say about (non-narcotic) herbs I've mentioned:

1) cancerbush (also called sutherlandia) has anti-viral properties, if you are suffering from the sort of cancer caused by a virus, such as HPV caused cervical cancer, it might be a good bet becasue it will kill the cancer and the virus - I ate a fresh leaf of cancerbush this morning and nearly lost my breakfast.

2) the tumeric and lemon juice tasted worse and worse the more I took it, then my friend gave me some orange blossom organic honey which I mixed in - this made it taste great. This morning I drank tumeric and lemon juice without honey (to take the taste of the cancerbush away!) and it didn't taste so bad becasue I was not expecting something which tasted like god's armpit on the day of judgement. I suggest you alternate tumeric and lemon with tumeric, honey and lemon to keep your self from removing your tounge. NB do not substitute honey with refined sugar, that is not reccomended with cancer.

Thanks for the video, I'll get better internet some day and watch it.
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #8 on: March 13, 2015, 04:19:12 pm »

Ok, before I get on to 'da holy herb mon', 2 things:

The first thing I'd like to  discuss  - because it comes up in the next section I thought I'd need to explain a little about chemotherapy (from what I have learnt, I'm by no means an expert)- this kind of turned into a rather sarcastic comment on modern western medicine, but please bear with me...

There are three main approaches to treating cancer in modern western medicine.

The oldest and most commonly known is surgery.
Because not all types of cancer exist in neat little packages which can easily be removed and because by the time it is diagnosed, cancer cells might have invaded vital organs such as the heart or the brain to the point where our clumsy attempts to remove them would irreparably damage the organ, surgery is not as commonly used as it was a few years back, nevertheless, certain types of surgery are still in common use such as mastectomies for women suffering from breast cancer. Surgery is a crude and brutal solution, in desperate situations crude and brutal solutions often work and when they don't the situation itself can be held accountable.

After that comes chemotherapy.
In chemotherapy, toxic substances are introduced into the body, they will either be cytotoxic (cell-destroying) or they will be aimed at stopping cell division, since cancer cells divide faster than other cells and since cancer cells are good for little other than dividing. The destruction of rapidly dividing cells and poisoning the body to prevent or inhibit cell division is what leads to chemotherapy patients going bald. I have it on reasonably good authority from multiple sources that chemotherapy is extremely unpleasant. It is also what lead me to come up with the analogy of using an atom bomb to remove crime from the city. The basic principle behind chemotherapy seems to be that your body is tougher than the cancer and more likely to survive the poison.
Despite this, chemotherapy is practices only by highly qualified doctors, they use their discretion and know when, where and how to poison you so you have the highest chances of mostly surviving sometimes. Chemotherapy has shown itself to be quite effective and lead to a number of people making a full recovery. Whether this demonstrates the miracles of modern western medicine or how amazingly tough and adaptable the human body is, I shall leave as an exercise to the reader.

The last one is radiation.
Radiation is literally using an atom bomb to cure crime -um... cancer.
The principle behind radiation is that it damages the cells so that they can no longer function as 'proper' cancer cells. Obviously I don't know enough about radiology to pass judgement here, so ignore me saying things like “didn't these silly bastards read comic books as children, don't they know that using radiation to change you back to normal NEVER works?!” I am extremely sceptical about using this and other approaches I consider to be 'desperate measures', but then I have no medical qualifications and many highly qualified doctors are not at all sceptical...

There are other methods of treating cancer being developed, these include boosting the body's immune system, numerous failed attempts at developing a “cancer vaccine” (sounds far fetched, I mean it is your body's own cells... but if you consider that getting your body's defences to attack your own cells is quite possible -  a few years back a method of sterilising women, in which a pig ovum was implanted, showed promising results, although it was understandably unpopular! - this does not sound so far fetched. Perhaps in a few year's time...), re-engineering viruses and even bacteria so that they specifically attack cancer cells, etc... I'm very hopeful, obviously I'd love it if actual concern for the human race and not money was the motivating factor, but the wonderful thing about humans is that even in their darkest darkness there is a little light.

The second thing I'd like to say -
I'm severely disappointed at the quality of stoner hanging around here these days!
There was a time when you slightly mentioned something about using cannabis medicinally sideways and you'd have nine million stoners posting stuff about how good it is for you and how they use it every day! Because I'm admittedly outside my usual frame of reference on this one, I really wouldn't mind people posting things about cannabis, especially correcting any errors I've made or giving those links to stoner websites which look technical but are actually just blazed -heh-heh.
I also don't buy that my rather dry, caustic writing style has put potential stoner posters off because they'd just read one word and be like – “man! This is intense!”
All I can say is “Dude!” 8-)
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #9 on: March 13, 2015, 04:20:38 pm »
I've heard so many stories here, too many. I've heard how cannabis could save mankind, how it cures cancer completely and how it could save the world but greedy multi-national drug companies and fascist governments are suppressing its use... I've heard how cannabis is nothing more than a drug, and a dangerous “gateway” drug, how it leads only to intoxication, dependency, suffering and death. As a non user, it's hard to know what to believe and what not to believe: like the creationists and the Dawkinsists (Dawks) both cite what seems to be scientific evidence and use what could be convincing arguments if you gave a crap. I'd invite anyone who doesn't smoke it and isn't rabidly against it to do some research and get back to me specifically on the medicinal use of cannabis.

Here are things I do know which are not being disputed:

Cannabis is being used to treat cancer and medical testing shows that it is at the very least helpful in the fight against cancer.

It is prescribed by many properly licensed (and I presumed non-stoner) doctors in places where it is legal and where it is legal with a prescription. Cannabis is as legitimate a form of cancer treatment as chemotherapy – although I don't know enough to comment on how effective/dangerous either is.

Cannabis was originally used to treat the side effects of chemotherapy, it proved very effective in treating the complete lack of appetite, depression and severe pain associated with chemotherapy and cancer. Because of how controversial it was to use an illegal narcotic, a great deal of research was done on the use of cannabis and it was found not only to be effective in treating problems related to chemo, but in treating cancer as well.

Here is a story a stoner told me which seems to mostly check out:
Cannabis contains a number of compounds called cannabanoids, these are what makes the plant so special. The most commonly known of these is tetra-hydra cannabanoid (excuse me if I can't spell that!) THC.
 – THC is what gets you stoned, other cannabanoids might get you stoned (in a 'different' way or 'not as much') but they might not. Raw natural cannabis has many cannabanoids but relatively low levels of THC (check for cultivar, etc...), THC is largely formed above a certain (sorry, I forget which) temperature, especially when cannabis is burned -smoked.

I'm going with a this because it seems to hold up when I cross-checked it. I'm a little sceptical about how non-intoxicating cannabis is (as he seemed to suggest) when it is not smoked, but then when compared to drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin etc... I see cannabis intoxication as relatively harmless (you can argue with me about that if you like, I certainly don't have experience in the other drugs mentioned to the point where I can speak with authority on them and their properties!). So what I suggest is that even if non-smoked cannabis is every bit as intoxicating as smoked cannabis, even if it is more so, I don't see this as important to the discussion right now.
I'm not arguing about the morality of choices people make in their lives here, I'm discussing the use of medicinal herbs.

There are several parts of the plant used medicinally and as a drug: female flowers, leaves, resin of female plants and seeds. I've not heard of the seeds containing any THC or being intoxicating, I've also not heard of them being used to treat cancer.
Those who use cannabis purely medicinally (they did not use it before and do not use it recreationally) seem to favour ingesting it in various forms and using it topically over smoking it.
Indeed, smoking cannabis not only increases the THC content (if you believe my stoner friend), but it also leads to the formation of mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic compounds – translated, it could actually give you cancer (especially if the cannabis is mixed with tobacco!)

The forms in which cannabis is consumed orally that I know of are:

drank as a herbal tea

eaten (yuk!)

eaten as 'hemp oil' or 'marijuana oil'

The forms in which cannabis is used topically (rubbed onto the skin) which I know of are:

crushed leaves (this was described as being effective at repelling mosquitoes, but I'm including it just in case)

ash from smoked cannabis being rubbed onto sores

'hemp oil' or 'marijuana oil' used externally.

I'm going to deal with the oil separately just now.
As for the medicinal uses of cannabis I can share a story with you.
I personally know a guy who is a heavy smoker of cannabis, he is also a botanist and breeds his own special potent strains... he told me that he was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor referred him to the oncology department of a hospital. He claims that purely by smoking cannabis, he was able to recover completely from the cancer (presumably not too severe) before his hospital appointment so that the oncology department believed that he's been mis-diagnosed.
Obviously I'd question the reliability of the report.

I'm convinced that cannabis is effective in the treatment of cancer : I am however somewhat sceptical about anything we know of now being seen as a miracle cure – especially where stories of conspiracies to keep it suppressed occur. I'm very positive about us finding a 'wonder cure' for cancer at some point in the future, until then I suggest we use what we have at hand wisely and responsibly, be it cannabis, surgery, meditation, prayer, changes to the diet or tumeric.

If I were diagnosed with cancer and believed that cannabis was the most effective treatment, I wouldn't hesitate to break the law and use it. I support the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes even though I have no idea how the “ for medicinal purposes” would be defined or enforced.
I would not break the law to use cannabis as a preventative measure, not out of any respect for the law either! I have known at least 1 recreational user of cannabis who died of cancer anyway  :sad:.

Also, excuse me if I sound like I have something up my ass here, but I believe that cannabis is a sacred plant – it is revered in several different beliefs/traditions. As with ayahuasca, etc – I don't think it should be used purely recreationally – that it should be used medicinally, or as part of the practice associated with the relevant beliefs/traditions. I believe that you should use it in a way which shows respect for the plant and above all which shows respect for yourself.

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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #10 on: March 31, 2015, 01:59:05 pm »
Ok, as I've said, I have not used cannabis oil and have no first hand experience thereof.
I do have some close friends who have used it, use it and know people who are using it.
Apologies if I misrepresent anything important!

What's good about cannabis oil?

I've heard amazing testimonies of its healing powers from various people and seen the effects on a friend.
I have a friend of similar height, weight, build, pigmentation, etc to me. She developed a nasty looking sore (very similar to the one I got on my neck) on her nose and was worried about it. Both of us began drinking tumeric and lemon juice around the same time; while I used cleavers and st john's wort in coconut oil externally, she used cannabis oil externally. I'm glad to say that my nasty sore thing is clearing up very nicely, but not nearly as fast, nor as well as my friend's!
I've heard to it used to treat hernia, pain, insomnia, cancer, some neurological disorders and a whole list of complaints and most/all of the reports I've heard were very good ones.
If used externally it will not intoxicate you, nor cause you to fail drug tests.
Like cancer bush, cannabis is whole pharmacy in once plant! Only tiny amounts of cannabis oil need be ingested for it to take effect and I've heard of it curing things people didn't know they had.
It is easy to use and can be made at home (although see below – I really don't want to misrepresent how easy it is to get hold of)
It is easy to store(/stash) – I don't think it could go off.

What's not so great about cannabis oil?
In South Africa, as well as many countries, it is highly illegal – this is because cannabis is illegal. Rather than seeing how making the oil concentrates the healing properties of the plant, law makers and police see it as concentrating the narcotic effects! For this reason cannabis oil is seen as a refined/synthesised drug (similar to cocaine, meth or heroin) rather than a type of medicine.
You may have seen that documentary on Capetown Tv about that guy who made his own hemp oil and about its healing properties; information I'm giving is not based on that documentary  -but rather what I've heard from actual people - for the most part... Well, in any case, you may have seen how he made the stuff, he used a lot of cannabis to get very little oil. I've heard that in order to make usable amounts, depending on the type used, you might need to process around 5kgs of fresh green cannabis (check on that, I'm really not sure) that's a lot!  Buying that amount may attract a lot of undue attention from drug dealers and police not to mention being expensive.  Growing your own is an option, but may be difficult if you live in the city, not to mention what will happen if people find your plantation.
For these reasons, people who distribute/sell the stuff, including qualified medical doctors, don't want to be known. It will likely be a case of someone knowing someone who knows someone who might be able to help you – and it can be prohibitively expensive (I've heard around R400.oo-R500.oo for a small amount [which still lasts a long time]!)
I've heard mixed reports on how narcotic it is when consumed orally. Some say it has no effect whatsoever, while others have told me stories of “deeply spiritual experiences” including vivid hallucination and deep sleep afterwards – it will almost certainly cause you to fail a drug test.
I've located 2-3 sources (because of how complicated it can be to get hold of, I'm not sure if 2 of those aren't the same people!) of cannabis oil, but when I went looking for some to save my father, I was unable to find any. I do not know if it would have been suitable to feed to a rat or even to rub onto him, but I couldn't find any for the rat either – I did give him fresh cannabis leaves from a plant I found growing near the junior school, these he ate eagerly and then slept for a long time afterwards! It did not save his life though.

Given ½ a chance I'd use cannabis oil internally as well as on every single suspicious lump I find on my skin – just in case I get cancer! I am planning to teach English in the east and I know that this will involve a drug test, so I'm avoiding it – next to that is the cost and how difficult getting hold of it can be.
I think that cannabis oil is a powerful weapon against cancer, but it is not the only thing which will work.
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #11 on: March 31, 2015, 02:00:33 pm »
Ok, I've cut short what I was going to tell you about other forms of treatment because I was interested in using sound to treat cancer. Not even ultrasound, I was interested in the possibility of using frequencies – they say that each organ has its own frequency, the heart is XYZ megahertz, the spleen ABC mhz, etc... I was looking for the frequencies of the placenta and the umbilical cord – the reason I wanted to know these was because they are largely comprised of embryonic stem cells. I was hoping that in treating the cancer cells as damaged embryonic stem cells, we could heal them with sound frequencies. Unfortunately I was not able to find enough reliable info in my research and more importantly could not find the frequencies associated with the placenta and umbilical cord – perhaps I was looking in the wrong place?
I've decided to omit the stuff I was going to write on prayer, faith and miracle healing of cancer because I didn't find the topic too interesting and didn't want to be the cause of WotR being inundated by ten million xtians eager to share their testimonies and sell us afterlife insurance policies. I'm going to hand over to my mom as soon as she gets her extensive research resolved into notes she can share, I may jump in to the discussion at some point, but for the most part that's what I've found out and I hope you find some of it useful or interesting.

Here are some books which might interest you if you wish to read up further on plants and how they can be used to heal cancer, I'm just giving the ones I thought were best since I'm not writing an article and don't need to provide a bibliography!

Food Plants of the world, Ben-Erik van Wyk. Published Briza, 2005
Medicinal Plants of the world, Ben-Erik van Wyk and Michael Wink, Published Briza, 2004
Mind-altering & Poisonous Plants of the world, Ben-Erik van Wyk and Michael Wink, Published Briza, 2008

-I loved the Ben-Erik books, you should read them if you get the chance. I'm not going to post website links because I'll leave you to find these out for yourself. Be careful of what you read, not everything on the internet is true, but keep an open mind, many things I have come to rely on are not the sort of thing which will hold up to medical testing.

Just a few of the important “Don'ts” you should remember:
Don't read (here or elsewhere) of a plant being used to cure cancer and go and eat a whole basket full without researching further. Be particularly careful of plants such as Yew and especially Madagascar Periwinkle – although extracts from these plants can be used, the plants themselves are HIGHLY TOXIC! You'd honestly be better off getting nuked or poisoned by chemotherapy.
Don't give up on the war against cancer! Every body is different, types of cancer are different, some treatments work better than others in different cases – be open to miracles, just don't rely on them.
Don't fall into the “positive” lie trap. Don't say “I'm being positive, I'm taking <insert>, I'm doing <insert>, I don't have cancer, I'm cured” and then not go to the doctor. A positive attitude is essential, faith really can move mountains, but denial and ignorance often come in the disguise of faith and “positive thinking”. I may have expressed some reservations about modern western medicine, however in the case of diagnosing cancer I think they mostly know what they're doing.
Don't say “I'm cured!” (even if you have a doctor telling you so) and go back to a damaging and self-destructive lifestyle – if you are using a treatment which does not damage you (such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and possibly apricot kernels -depending on your body's capacity for cyanide)  don't stop after you are cured. Reduce the dose or frequency, find another way of taking it, take something different, but don't stop. The best time to attack is when your enemy is celebrating their victory, terminal cancer probably only started with 1 cell, better to prevent than take drastic steps which may be too late.

Finally, there are people who deliberately don't read stuff on fighting/preventing cancer because they don't want to hear everybody telling them to stop smoking.
Smoking does cause cancer, that is not in question, but then so does car exhaust, sugar, the sun, stress, etc... just about every aspect of modern living. Personally, I couldn't care less if you smoke, even if you smoke in an enclosed room with me (within reason!). However more likely it makes it, smoking does not guarantee cancer and not smoking does not guarantee not getting it. Smoke if you want to, just don't blame me if you do get cancer and you start to die horribly. If you are serious about preventing or fighting cancer you'll quit, if you use any/all the treatments suggested and don't I can't guarantee they'll help you at all (I make no guarantees anyway) – I'd strongly recommend that if you don't stop, you at least reduce smoking, but I'd also suggest you try to eat better and live with less stress if you can. I personally don't see any benefit to smoking and won't do it, but if you want to throw you money away and get sick don't let me stop you – I suspect that someone who smoked a small amount a long time ago stood less chance of getting cancer than someone who doesn't smoke but lives in our carcinogenic modern world.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to add, suggest or question/correct anything I have to say here.

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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #12 on: June 15, 2015, 11:55:56 am »
sorry, just a follow up...
Ok, I got my biopsy results back form the hospital today.

I want to tell you a few stories just to make the whole thing a little more interesting.

I heard this story from a friend about a guy in the karoo who was walking around with a strange arm-band on. Eventually somebody asked him about it and he said it was an Inuit charm to keep polar bears away. Obviously they pointed out that you don't get polar bears in South Africa, especially not in the karoo to which he replied “you see, it works!” Lame joke, I know.
I was talking about this whole thread though.
My mother and I have done a lot of research (more than is apparent in my posts, you'll have to wait for her to finish hers before you come to appreciate this), we tried things out and I wrote about my experience with various non-mainstream remedies. If neither of us had cancer and any point it would have been a “karoo polar bear” story.

This is what they told me about my neck...

What they cut out of my neck was a mixed basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma. It was not life-threatening (although they can't completely rule out the possibility that it might have turned into something life-threatening.) The basal cell carcinoma they might not have even bothered with, they are small and stay in one place without growing or spreading. The squamous cell carcinoma gave more cause for concern, they can spread quite aggressively, but only locally, it is the melanomas which get into your blood and your lymph system and kill you. Chances are that they removed the whole thing (they certainly took enough of my neck out to make that likely) if not then the chances are that whatever is left may go away on its own (that is to say via our mother's herb teas and copious tumeric and lemon juice) there is only a small chance that  I will get what I had back only bigger if I left it, but they've made an appointment for me at Groote Schuur Hospital oncology department just to make absolutely sure. Although the doctor kept reassuring me that it wasn't life-threatening, cancer is cancer and I don't want to take any chances. After  Groote Schuur Hospital oncology department gives me the all clear I'm still going to drink tumeric and lemon juice, only perhaps not as much.

So whoever was waiting for me to die so that they could have their forum back will have to wait a little longer  :angry: .

Now I have another story for you about cancer. This one is true because I knew the guy personally.
While I was working in the second hand shop there was this guy, he was always cheerful and pleasant with me but seemed a little strange. He kept to himself a lot but not in an unpleasant way.
One day they told me they found him hanging in his flat which was above the second hand shop in which I worked, he'd killed himself. This was sad, but then I heard the story of what happened to him from someone who knew him before he came to live in muizenberg.

He'd been a fairly successful businessman who worked hard and earned a lot of money. He didn't have time for a family and had very few friends because he devoted so much time into doing his job well. Apparently he said he'd take time off when he had retired.
Instead he found out that he had a very aggressive and incurable type of cancer, the doctors gave him a few months to live. He had so much and nobody to share it with. I admire the man for what he did, he donated all his money to charity, sold his houses and moved down to cape town to die. He completely made peace with having cancer and with this own mortality. A few months after he was due to die he was still alive and actually feeling a lot better than he had been in years. He went back to the doctor and they checked him out. Miraculously, not a single trace of the tumours which were eating him inside remained, he was completely cured.
The problem was that he had made peace with not being alive and had kind of closed down his whole life. He sort of drifted around for a bit before coming to stay in muizenberg, the sold some really nice clothes and a pair of good boots to us and then he killed himself.

You know I have this theory about cancer and worry, like people who worry more are more prone to cancer and worrying makes it worse. What I worry about is that you can't tell that to people “you have cancer which could kill you, but whatever you do, DON'T WORRY” is like saying “picture anything you like, absolutely anything, as long as it's not a elephant!”
Anyway, I'm a lot more worried about being run over by a car or stabbed/shot by a psychotic tik-zombie than cancer.
Hope you are well.
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Re: War on Cancer
« Reply #13 on: September 03, 2015, 12:12:58 pm »
I know I said that I should would leave this alone, but I have a few things to say now that I'm completely cancer-free.

Ok, as stated I don't have the qualification to speak with any authority on scientific or medical matters so I'll report things to you as I heard them (from those who do) and see what you make of it.
I have been using herbs, largely tumeric and lemon juice, cancerbush and cleavers for some time now. The doctors described the basal cell carcinoma in the corner of my eye as “harmless” - this I only found out later was because it wasn't spreading at all. After the tests came back from my neck saying that the other (potentially more dangerous one) was completely removed, I stopped taking tumeric in lemon juice and herbs for a while.
The “harmless” carcinoma was removed but tests came back saying that it was no longer harmless  and had turned invasive, thus more had to be removed. This they did (resulting is huge hole in face with part of skull visible!) and they did tests on all the tissue they removed. They got some strange results. The tests came back saying that the carcinoma had been completely removed, but they got some funny readings on the margins. It was as if the second test said that margins which had been involved in the first tests and were clearly still cancerous had been clear. - obviously I don't understand all the technical aspects of what was going on there and the doctors were simplifying what they told me, but they suggested that the only way this kind of result could have come about is if the “harmeless” cancer which turned invasive had suddenly gone into remission or whatever.
What the doctors did not know is that directly prior to the cancer suddenly turning nasty I had stopped using herbs and directly after hearing that what was removed the first time was not all of it, I used herbs extensively (backed up by lots of vitamin c and b in tablet form, which I wouldn't normally take). This does not constitute a clinical trial, but I find the doctors, without knowing that I was using herbs, giving medical/scientific opinions which seem to support what I was hoping to hear quite encouraging.

Based on this, although I won't be like one of those fake sangomas who claim to be able to cure HIV, cancer and lawsuits, I would suggest (especially if you get cancer and don't know what to do) that you filter through what I've said and take what you can out of this thread. I've tried to not give people advice which will not harm them or interfere with other forms of treatment.

Thank you.


“proven” as far as I'm concerned:
Tumeric (Curcuma Longa)
Cancerbush (Sutherlandia Furtescens)
Cleavers (Gallium Aparine)

seems to work but has nasty side effects and may be dangerous:
Apricot kernels
conventional medicine apporach, surgery

best avoided:
all cures containing poisonous plants such as
Yew (Taxus Baccata)
Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus Roseus)
conventional medicine apporach, radiation therapy, chemotherapy

I don't know but I suspect these help:
Meditation + lifestlye changes to help prevent worry/stress
Prayer (I don't think how you pray or who you pray to matters although most who practice this would strongly disagree)
Going vegan for a bit or at least reducing intake of processed food especially processed meats and refined sugar
Cannabis (Cannabis Satavia) especially the oil.

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