Author Topic: which came first, the energy or the disease?  (Read 1707 times)

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which came first, the energy or the disease?
« on: January 15, 2016, 10:43:57 am »
I've been reading on Shaitsu and looking into a lot of stuff related to energy healing.
I can see energy, particularly body energies so understand that I'm playing devil's advocate here and not attacking other people's beliefs.

There are several different approaches to energies and diseases: one is that imbalance in energies can cause disease (this is sort of what I seem to find in many eastern forms of energy healing) - the other is that "bad" or "negative" energies cause disease.
The second of the two seems to me a lot like the medieval idea of "demons" causing sickness.
In the first one you could make lifestyle changes to re-balance your energies (including eating differently, giving up bad habits, etc) and this will cure your ailment. In the second you "cut out" the "negative" elements and you miraculously get better.

Now in both the first and the second I have to wonder if it isn't simply that your disturbed energy is a result of being unwell rather than the cause of it.
I'm questioning whether unbalanced and disturbed energies can cause disease, whether "fixing" your energy can actually heal you and why people like to drag lifestyle choices into it if you can just zap everything right with energy.

As I've said, I've been using energy healing for some time and have read up quite a bit, attended workshops and talks and watched various dvds, etc. but I still wonder about these things.
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Re: which came first, the energy or the disease?
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I received from your post. It was very helpful to me.