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"vampire" healing?
« on: December 30, 2014, 10:16:41 am »
Let me just say that this concerns somebody I know who will
remain anonymous for now.

They claim to be able to heal people using a technique I have
not heard about elsewhere. They say that they use advanced
empathy to feel the pain or discomfort of others, then they
drain off the energy associated with this (I assume that they
can somehow discern the 'pain energy' from healing energies).
They claim to have the ability to “filter” this energy as they put
it and convert it from a harmful form into a more useful one.
They say that there is no miracle alchemy conversion and that
they have to carry around a lot of unpleasant energy before they
can deal with it and put it to better use. Most of the time they
convert the energy into healing energy and send it back. They
claim that why this is unpleasant, after the 'recycling' process has
taken place they experience no lasting ill effects and actually
feel stronger.

I've heard that this can take place fairly rapidly, although it can
also take some time. They use this technique to treat pain including
arthritis, pain and suffering related to circulation problems, headaches,
especially those caused by tension and stress, injuries, etc...

I've heard that the person concerned had a friend who was diagnosed with stage 4
ovarian cancer, the doctors said that they might have to remove her ovaries
and even give the woman an hysterectomy if she wanted any real chance of
surviving. The person in question gave her a shiny bracelet which they had
rubbed their blood onto extensively, after this they claim to have drained off
the cancer, which apparently took years to 'recycle' and left them feeling really
bad. I've met the woman in question who has made a complete recovery without
having to lose any body parts, apparently even the doctors were amazed by how
well she responded to the treatment they gave her. I also know that the woman's
mother practices Healing Touch (she instructed me) and think it certain she used
other healing techniques on her daughter, so I can't say to which degree the
'vampire' healing worked or if it did.
The person who practices this claims it can also be used to 'get rid of' (='recycle')
curses, bad spells and unhealthy spirits giving someone trouble in certain

I've met people who this person healed, they claim that the person is a skilled alternative
healer who helped them, but I'm not sure all of them know about the strange methods
being used.

The person seems more or less healthy and happy most of the time subject to the usual
variation. The problem I have is that I've read a lot of fantasy stories and there is no
way something like this would appear in a story which ends happily for the healer.

I just want to know from you:

1) are there hidden problems this person should be made aware of relating to their own
health and well-being be that physical or spiritual and as much as Pagans and magic
users typically hate discussing such things, are there moral or ethical things which
need to be considered?

2) Have you heard of anything similar or related? I know that in the Healing Touch I learnt
they told me that you should be careful to 'cut the bond' between yourself and your patient
after your session is finished, or else you could end up 'absorbing' their ailment or at least
'carrying it around with you', so I believe it might be possible, do you think it is related to

3) Do you think this form of healing is something unique to the individual who practices it,
or do you think others can learn it?
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Re: "vampire" healing?
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2016, 08:53:58 pm »
This is possible. Very much so I have done something similar.
Though I would say it's not the persons energy you feed off of but rather the bacteria/virus/bad cells that you drain of energy. It really does work in some cases however I have never attempted it on someone with terminal or other cancer.
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Re: "vampire" healing?
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2018, 04:25:15 pm »
-the person in question said that it wasn't a one off thing and that they used the energy to continue this, but unfortunately the person who was suffering got sick again and the healer got into a lot of trouble and so did not want to continue this risky form of healing,,,
I guess I can't recommend this to anyone although it showed amazing results in the short term
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