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More Pokemancy!
« on: July 08, 2014, 04:39:19 pm »
At some point I aquired the reputation of being someone who gets very
enthusiastic about something and then loses interest. This saddens me
for it is not entierly true.
More often, I get very enthusiastic about something and then go quiet
about it, people who were co-enthusiasts or who opposed me are shocked
to find that I am still as obsessed with it long after they have
forgotten everything about it.

I began discussing the art of Pokemancy with you and many expressed
something less than enthusiasm or faith. The reccomendation was made
that I first try more established methods of divination.
I was quiet about Pokemancy and I suppose people thought that I had
either taken the advice given, or that I had given up this practice
after not reciving the response I would have liked.

In actual fact I practiced very hard and did my best to improve my
skill at reading the message Pokemon reveal to me.

So for those of you who missed what I originally said about Pokemancy:

1) before you ask "is it a joke?" - it may be funny, but it was not
intended as a joke.
2) Pokemancy is not "a science" as other forms of divination so often
claim to be - the object of sciences is to obtain exact and reliable
information, the object of Pokemancy is to get a different perspective
and to think differently about things.
3) Anyone can do Pokemancy, all you need are some Pokemon discs or
cards. You should read your own Pokemon and do interactive readings
with others where you act more as a guide than as an authority speaking
from a position of certain knowlege.
4) No, this is not an effort to promote the brand (although financial
contributions from the official Pokemon team will be very welcome indeed)
5) before you ask "did you make it up?" - I was introduced to Pokemon
divination by a friend, I refined and practiced my own form which differs
form hers although it has the same methodology.
People don't "make up" forms of divination, there are some who see
'signs' in everything around them, others never do and some have to
find ways of getting readable signs, these systems they use are called
Divination, the message is not theirs, how they find it could be a method
they developed (as in my case) however intricate, or it could be as simple
as going back to the same place and looking again.

Since our last Pokemancy discussion, I have been encouraged to join the
Capetown Talent Exchange so that I can offer my Pokemon readings for
T55 a time. My first day was difficult, but I was eventually met with
a moderate degree of interest, nobody asked me to teach this art to
them, but a fair number of people said that they'd come back for another
reading and some of those actually did.

I have included the pattern I use in most Pokemancy readings, this one
can be fairly easy to read.

As I said before, I'll gladly do readings with WotR members for free,
although it is better that you are actually present and a part of the
reading, I can do them remotely.

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Re: More Pokemancy!
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2014, 04:41:27 pm »
These are some more advanced patterns, they are some of the ones I
use in answering specific questions. The ones provided are the simplest.

The Via pattern refers to a path. It is used in a situation where the
way is not clear, where whoever is having the reading done (you should
read your own Pokemon as well) can not see the way. I have used this
pattern to gain insights relating to new business ventures or new
directions people take in their life.
Please note that postion 2 and 3 seem fairly undefined, one will be the
nature of the path and the other an obstacle, it depends on the context
of the reading, be cerative but don't lie!

The Puella refers to a woman or girl. I would only really use this pattern
when there are relationship issues which need clarification.
I would use this if someone seeks a new perspective on the object of
their affection, whether this is an actual person of whether they are
just hoping someone will come along and want to know what to look out
Position 1 refers to the mind, how she thinks
2 refers not so much to the feeling of guilt, but to the super-ego
women are filled up with what they feel is expected of them by society
as well as all the expectations dumped upon them by family members,
friends, etc.
3 refers to her desire, what she actually wants and the forces
controlling it
4 is her heart, how she feels deep down inside
5 is the earth, her situation, the reality of where she is right now,

The Puer refers to a boy or man and I'd use it the same as the Puella,
only for a boy or man.
There are some important differences between males and females reflected
in the differences in these patterns.
you will notice that the heart is directly below the head, unlike a
woman who lets what she thinks others think of her and what she really
wants come between how she feels and how she thinks.
desire is still important, but The Father replaces Guilt.
The father does not refer to the man's actual father, it is a male
character (usually fictional) who the man wishes to become or be seen

I don't think I'd use either Puella or Puer in cases where somebody
doesn't want to jump into bed with somebody else, but I'm open to
intersting suggestions on the patterns I use.

The Carcer pattern I use in situation where people are desperate and
see no way out of their predicament - it is not like Via, where the
person wants to know what lies ahead, it is used where the person
sees no future.

1) refers to that which can not be escaped only changed - the Romans
said that a man can travel wherever he likes on earth, but he will do
so under the same heaven - by heaven the meant the sky and their gods,
but also his mind. These are things which changing your situation will
not change.

2) refers to what lies before us

3) refers to what we have been given, what we have to work with and
what we need to work around or accomodate

4) is the reality of the situation what couldn't give a damn about
how we may feel about ourselves, what we can not change only know
and use to our advantage through careful planning

5) refers to forces of which we are not aware which could have in
influence over us, things we can't plan for or rely on, niether can
we protect ourselves from them.

6) refers to the path we have taken to get ourselves into this situation.

Remember also when you do a reading that the Pokemon in a position refer
to the forces governing that aspect of our lives or of the situation,
it is not simply a case of "electric in my Love and Marriage means energy",
it means that the power at work in that aspect of your life has an
elecric nature. Pikachu in indomnible and inexhaustable, Mareep represents
static cling while Magnemite is shocking and impersonal - the three
can mean very different things in your Love and Mariage position!
Similarly, when you look at the forces at work in the different positions
of the more advanced patterns, do not look merely at their natures,
but also at their characters.
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Re: More Pokemancy!
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2016, 08:45:01 pm »
This is amazing! I am a huge fan of pokemon and been thinking of how to use them for divination :) great minds I suppose
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Re: More Pokemancy!
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2017, 11:11:37 pm »
Aieee! I left all my Pokémon back home and now can't do any more readings.
That said I have found that Pokemancy has caught on in a big way, it is now regarded as almost a legitimate form of divination  :clap:

Here is a guy who does Pokemancy, I swear, I have nothing to do with the man, never met him and probably didn't inspire him.

You see I totally disagree with him on fighting types, and a number of things, but anyway, maybe one day we can sit down and have a chat about Pokémon over cafe amaretto and cinnamon biscuits.
Ok, If you are going to take up reading Pokémon, you should read what I had to say (naturally, mwhahahah) and also what the guy I who's link I gave you had to say (even though he's WRONG -  :p nah, actually I agree with him on more things than I disagree with him on). If you have a collection of Pokémon cards or those disc things people used to play with, then well and good, if not you will have to make your own set of Pokémon oracle cards. This can be tricky, especially since everything is copyrighted.

I found this website very useful in constructing my personalised deck of Pokémon oracle cards. It give free to download pictures of the different Pokémon as well as detailed descriptions of their character and natures which might help in your readings.

It also gives you  a random selection of Pokémon on demand which I find most useful, it is for my "Pokémon for the day" thing - basically it is like drawing 3 Tarot cards each day and seeing what they mean to improve your readings.

If you would like to use my ready to print (not yet as of posting this, but very soon) Pokémon oracle card set I would firstly discourage you, because the set was made for me and I encourage you to make your own so that you can read them better, then I would eventually give in and send you a copy of the cards under the condition that you don't charge money for Pokémon readings. My cards lack info such as attack and defence strength or what type the Pokémon cards are strong against, this is so they can not be used to play games with, I don't want to be accused of selling Pokémon branded merchandise myself. I have made these cards for my own enlightenment and spiritual growth and if and when I choose to share them I will do so under the understanding that others will do the same. Don't get me wrong, I hate intellectual property laws, but this is sharing to encourage enlightenment, not stealing.

You'll have to PM me to get my oracle cards and I'd encourage you to make your own.

PS: I TOLD you Pokémancy would catch on! :hehehe:
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Re: More Pokemancy!
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2018, 07:04:50 am »
I want you to understand this more content to more accurately without having to read several times.

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Re: More Pokemancy!
« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2018, 01:48:55 am »
Hello Riccardos
You want me to explain it more clearly?
My mind is a puree of putrid bat guano and me emotions are always on full blast, all at the same time, for this reason communicating electronically is not my strong suit.
I will be back in South Africa soon, if you are there, more specifically Cape Town, we could meet up and I will initiate you into the intricacies of this ancient and mystical art :p

Otherwise feel free to ask me any questions you like and I will do my best to explain.
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Re: More Pokemancy!
« Reply #6 on: July 15, 2018, 02:02:49 am »
Pokemancy is a system of divination much like many others.
The cards or tiles have meaning related to nature spirits and natural forms of energy (elements).
These are read in a pattern (I use the term array) and meaning is derived not only from the Pokemon and where they appear, but by their interactions.

For example, Water types represent cunning, the mind, reason, adaptability and fluidity (to me at least), Fire types are taken to represent the run away (often destructive, but sometimes productive depending on the Pokemon) passions - Water types are strong against Fire types, so a Water type in position B and a Fire type in position A indicate that A Water type (with given associations) is guiding you through that particular aspect of your life while a Water type (with all its given associations) is guiding you through another aspect of your life. There is also a relationship between A and B, in that A (water) will have a strong influence over B (fire).
Imagine now that in the array we are discussing, position A represents your work life and position B represents your love life.
A water type in A indicates adaptability, cunning and intellect, as well as mobility. Let's say it's Totodile, he is a tough little bugger, expect confrontations and struggle at work, but success and overcoming obstacles. Now we have a Fire type guiding you through your love live. Let's just say Rapidash, run away passion, wildfire, breathtaking but ultimately destructive, a warning not to let things get out of hand.
So because of the fire - water relationship, your work life dominates your love life and so you might run wild with someone for a bit (even if only in your fantasies) but you will wake up and see things differently under the unforgiving light of day and put on your work clothes and go back to the backstabbing and intrigues of office politics.

Does that help?
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