Author Topic: Christian Scholars speak out against Zeitgeist's claims ...  (Read 2409 times)

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Re: Christian Scholars speak out against Zeitgeist's claims ...
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2013, 10:43:07 am »
The crizzies are on a hiding to nothing - you can't "prove" religious claims and you can't "disprove" them for same reasons that you can't prove or disprove existence of gods. Z tried to undermine the historical basis for the religion - it was in actual fact more a slander campaign than attempt to "disprove" Christianity. In some circumstances responding rationally to someone smearing something unpleasant in your face discredits them rather than you, in other cases it just gets you smeared again.

Having studied the ancient mythologies and religions Z cites as the "real" sources of Christianity, I can say that Z is as much a contrived load of BS as Christianity itself (eg: which 'Horus'? and the "Isis = Mary" is slightly far fetched to say the least).

Personally, when somebody tells me a story, I'm not interested in the "FACTS" presented in as dramatic a manner as possible, and less so when this is related to someone's beliefs: I look at what I can take from it. Z is silly, taking it seriously more so.

Remember when it was Christianity vs "Satanism"(= any other sort of belief or spiritual intrest)? Now it's Christianity vs Atheism - a sad indicator of the sort of age we live in.
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Re: Christian Scholars speak out against Zeitgeist's claims ...
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2015, 06:18:01 pm »
Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship. 

Faith is a way to quit using, "God given" power of Reason and Logic, and cause the faithful to embrace doctrines that moral people reject.

The God of the OT says, “Come now, and let us reason together,” [Isaiah 1:18]

How can literalists reason with God when they must ignore reason and logic and discard them when turning into literalist?

Those who are literalists can only reply somewhat in the fashion that Martin Luther did.
“Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding.”
“Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has.”

This attitude effectively kills all worthy communication that non-theists can have with theist. Faith closes the mind as it is pure idol worship.

Literalism is an evil practice that hides the true messages of myths. We cannot show our faith based friends that they are wrong through their faith colored glasses. Their faith also plugs their ears.