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Money mantras and more
« on: August 18, 2012, 10:20:33 pm »
Mantras For Overcoming
obstacles, attaining
sucess, intelligence and
wealth because Lord
Ganesha is the Lord of
Riddhi, Siddhi and
"Shri Ganeshay Namah"
"Om Ganeshay Namah"
"Om Gang
Ganadhirajaay Namah"
"Om Shri
"Vakratundaay Hung"
This is favourite Mantra
of Lord Ganesha : For
Mantra Siddhi it should
be recited 1 lakh 25000
times. Follow
Bramhcharya during
Mantra meditation. It
gives Riddhi, Siddhi,
Buddhi and complete
financial prosperity.
"Om Hreeng Greeng
This is Shaktivinayak
Mantra : This Mantra
brings financial
prosperity, inflow of
money, landed
property, house, glory,
reputation, vehicle etc.
quickly. For Mantra
Siddhi recite it 5 lakh
times. This manta is very
popular because it
yields quick results.
This Mantra is very very
important. It brings
financial prosperity and
materialistic success.
"Om Ganesh Rhinam
Chhindhi Vareniyam
Hung Namah Phutt"
This is Rhinaharta
Ganesha Mantra: This
Mantra is best for the
eradication of poverty
and debts. If this Mantra
is recited even once
debt and poverty shall
never enter inside one's
"Om Shreeng Hreeng
Kleeng Glaung Gang
Ganapatye Var Varad
Sarvajanmey Vashmanay
Tha Tha."
Before starting any
auspicious ceremony or
work Lord Ganpati
should be worshipped.
This is one of the most
powerful Mantras of
Lord Ganpati. Lord
Ganpati destroys all
types of obstacles. Man
can attain everything in
his life with the blessing
of Lord Ganpati, he can
achieve materialistic as
well as spiritual
progress, because, he is
the only one God which
can bring both types of
progress simultaneously.
This Mantra can be
recited for attaining all
types of Siddhis,
prosperity and intellect
because he is the Lord
of Ridhi (prosperity),
Siddhi (success) and
Buddhi ( intellect).
By reciting this Mantra
all sorts of sins and
diseases also get
eradicated. For Mantra
Siddhi recite it 1 lakh
This Mantra is very
effective for appeasing
Mercury and Rahu.
"Rayaspaushasaya Dadita
Nidhido Ratan
Vakratundaay Hung"
This is most important
and secret Mantra of
Lord Ganapati.
"Om Shreeng Gang
Soumyaay Ganapatye Var
Varad Sarvajanmmey
Vashmanay Swaha"
This Laxmi Vinayak
Mantra is combined
Mantra of Goddess
Laxmi and Lord
Ganesha: It should be
recited 5 lakh times for
its Siddhi. Stay away
from sexuality during
Mantra meditation. This
meditation Sadhana
programme should be
completed with in 24
days in the maximum.
traay Kleeng Hreeng
Shreeng Gang
GanapatyeVar Varad
Sarvajanam mey
Vashmanay Swaha"
This is Trailokya Mohan
Kar Ganesha Mantra. his
is most useful for
It brings special glow on
he face of the person
who recites it. As a result
who so ever comes in
contact gets hypnotised.
Your eyes should be
focussed on an idol of
Lord Ganesha during
Mantra meditation.
Follow Bramhcharya and
recite it 1 lakh times for
Mantra Siddhi.
"Om Hung Gang Glaung
Haridra Ganapatye Var
Varad Sarvajan
Hridayam Stambhay
Stambhay Swaha"
This is Haridra Ganesh
Mantra. This is a boon for
improving marital
happiness, enhancing
sexual pleasure,
enjoying new heights
and ecstasy in conjugal
felicitation, overcoming
impotency and for
semen retention. Rosary
of bulbs of turmeric
should be used for
Mantra meditation.
Yellow clothes and
yellow colour Asana
should be used. It is
essential to follow
Bramhcharya during
Mantra meditation.
"Om Namo
Sarvarjya Vashyakarnaay
Sarvajan Sarvastree
Shreeng Om Swaha."
This is Siddhi Vinayak
Mantra. This Mantra is
considered most
auspicious, most
powerful and most
significant. Every person
should recite this Mantra
at least 108 times every
day. This is a very potent
Mantra. People prefer to
attain the Siddhi of this
Mantra before starting
any other type of Mantra
Sadhana because it
makes the path of
Sadhana easier.

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Re: Money mantras and more
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 01:31:29 pm »
Honestly, my gut tells me to eat meat simply because the animal died in order to provide it for humans.
To turn away the meat would be a huge waste, to not eat the meat means the animal dies in vain.

Turning away the meat is a further atrocity because it means that the animal suffered, died, and the purpose of its death (food) wasn't fulfilled. In some cultures it is considered honourable to sacrifice animals and eat them, as it gives you their strength. Metaphorically and literally.

For people where it goes against their intuition to eat meat, fair enough on them. They are also doing the right thing because they are listening to themselves, and aren't just following a dogma.

Although now I have a question. What about mentally unwell people, where their intuition tells them to do something that isn't ethical? Or psychopaths? Or rape victims that turn into rapists themselves? Is it right for them to listen to their own conscience if it is at fault?

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Re: Money mantras and more
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2012, 09:10:26 am »
Om Namah Shivaya "I bow before lord Shiva" It can also mean: na- earth, ma- water, shi- fire, va- air ya- sound
Invocation for revering lord Shiva and balancing yourself with the five elements. (some say sound is an element) All the research I did was google based. Unsure if the elemental definition is false or not.

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Re: Money mantras and more
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2012, 02:22:07 pm »
A buddhist mantra to be used for devotion to your higher self/higher consciousness. Can be used to increase your intuitive nature. Or for whatever purpose you see fit, and the personal meaning you get from it:

Om bhur bhuv-ah sva-ha
Tat sativur var-en-yam
Bhargo devas-ya dhi-ma-hi
Dhigo yo nah pracho-dayat
It means:
We meditate upon the radiant
Divine light of that adorable
Sun of spiritual consciousness;
May it awaken our intuitional

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Re: Money mantras and more
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2015, 11:27:36 pm »
I have found that carrying a small Ganesha statue in your pocket is quite effective :D
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