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General Discussions / Re: To loved ones passed
« Last post by Sebastian on February 14, 2018, 12:27:34 pm »
I am looking for these information.
Support & Suggestions / Re: BOTS
« Last post by Sebastian on February 14, 2018, 12:27:14 pm »
I like the information you provide and I will read it.
General Discussions / Re: To loved ones passed
« Last post by KoriDew on February 12, 2018, 11:29:31 am »
I'm really sorry for you.
General Discussions / To loved ones passed
« Last post by Jade3007 on January 22, 2018, 04:11:30 pm »
Happy Birthday Mum, I love you and honour your memory today RIP 2015/06/18. I honour the crossroads, thank you for all the direction and comfort you have given and provided over the last few years
Magick / Re: Getting out what you deserve
« Last post by Taranut on January 05, 2018, 09:28:54 am »
What is the magic about? I want to know really I want to know if I can use it?
General Discussions / Re: Looking For My Soulmate
« Last post by Taranut on January 05, 2018, 09:27:22 am »
I want to find a soulmate too. It's not easy to find. People who love us like that in the novel.
Other / Power of the Mind
« Last post by Quantum Magi on September 30, 2017, 10:26:24 pm »
So for many years my prime interest revolved around binaural beats and frequency/vibrational manipulation using hypnotherapy and NLP to bring about changes.
I have now completed a couple of courses in hypnosis and I believe I'm quite good at it. Combining the hypnosis with NLP works best if you want to accomplish radical personal transformation in a short space of time. I have also found that these techniques are absolutely amazing if you want to learn new skills like remote viewing. If anyone would like info on this, feel free to contact me.
General Discussions / Looking For My Soulmate
« Last post by Windsong on February 12, 2017, 06:50:55 pm »
Hi Gentle People

Here I am. A lost soul wandering around all by myself. Being gay is one challenge but being different on a physical dimension is not so easy! So please I am sending out this message. It is like phoning ET.
Other / Heaven and Earth
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on February 04, 2017, 09:53:46 am »
 :cry: I was going to post this under "Human Spirits" but that discussion seems to have been mostly people telling me to bugger off and not post so much (or preferably at all) on WotR. Don't worry, I'll soon be too busy working to bother you and you can have your forum back agian :lol:

About human spirits: I hate it when people say that "there are two types of people", but regarding the spirits of living humans I have noticed two distinct "flavors".

I was invited to join a group of people who practices ceremonial stuff or something, it was a lot of fun.
Something which was not unique to them, they had this exercise thing where they would draw energy down from heaven and up form the earth and have them meet. Everyone can do both, but I have noticed a sort of inclination towards either heaven or earth in most people, very few are naturally balanced between the two and few have the discipline to balance themselves.

Everyone can do everything, some just find certain things more difficult than others and have to learn them while others just pick them up naturally.

Here are characteristics I have observed:

People who incline earthwards:
- They are people who find it easy to take on the pain and suffering of others (I don't mean empathy here, I mean actually absorb these)
- They can thrive under adversity since they can draw energy from "unhealthy" sources easily and filter it as the earth does.
- They tend to be very "psychic", intuitive and sensitive types, often emotional.
- They are not afraid to get their hands dirty.
- They have a close connection with and an intuitive feeling for "the spirit world"
- They tend to be practical, even when dealing with abstract things
- To me their spirits appear "dark" although this does not make them "bad" people, many I have met have been very caring and good natures people.

People who incline heavenward:
- They usually value "purity" however they understand the term
- They tend to see energies, situations and even people in terms of "positive and negative"
- They find it very easy to shield themselves from harmful energies
- They are often quite balanced in body, mind and spirit, not favouring one but developing all equally
- They find it easy to channel powerful "cosmic" forces.
- They find it easy to manipulate and control energies around them ("at a distance") without being affected by these.
- They tend to have strong moral convictions or principles (whether they follow them or not)
- They tend to be more "abstract" and academic, they value learning for learning's sake and find it easy to "step back" from situations
- Their spirits appear "bright" to me, although again, this does not make them "good or bad" I have struggled to undo some really, really nasty mischief wrought by people with strong heavenward inclinations (and they felt completely justified in causing such harm to others!)

In terms of morality and personalities, people are people, some good, some bad. I have close friends with both types of spirits and know one or two special people who are equally balanced. They believe whatever they believe and practice whatever they practice.

In terms of ability, everyone can do everything, it is just that for some, certain things seem far easier to learn while others don't seem to come naturally. There is no "better" type and your heavenward or earthward inclination does not determine how much energy or influence you have.

In terms of their spirit, some people seem to naturally draw more from the earth while some seem to naturally draw more from the universe, divinity or heaven.

This is something I have seen and more or less understood for a while but not been able to formulate for some time.
I could not explain why to me some people's spirits seemed "dark" while others seemed "bright" and did not share this with people because it is easy to misinterpret as a judgement on their morality and characters, I have met amazing and rubbish people of both "flavours".
Obviously, not all the characteristics apply to everyone, I was generalising.
Also, sometimes beliefs and ideology can cause someone with, for example, an earthward incline spirit to draw more from heaven and place greater value on the sort of characteristics one would generally associate with someone who was heavenward inclined. If this is done in a conscious and disciplined manner with the intention of improving then it can lead to the person becoming balanced and being able to draw equally from heaven and earth. If however the person is trying to be something they are not or they are unhappy with themselves, etc, then it is more likely that they will simply struggle through things they find difficult that others might seem to find effortless and more than likely think that they are bad at whatever it is they try without realising that they are gifted, just in other areas.   :sad:

Does anyone else see people's spirits as "bright" or "dark" and if so, what is your impression of my theory?
General Discussions / Re: I'm not offended...
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on January 27, 2017, 04:48:14 pm »
Actually, I think you should join me in calling women bastards.
"Bastard" refers to a child born outside of wedlock or outside an officially (normally church) recognised union. This insult is a hangover from a few hundred years back because it is almost exclusively used for men. This is because it relates to the legitimacy of inheritance and when it came to women they couldn't inherit anyway so whether they were legitimate offspring or not was irrelevant.
A woman can technically just as easily be a bastard as a man, but nobody cares whether she is or isn't.

If you want to look at the popular use of the term - many women I know are much better at being "bastards" then a lot of men I know, in fact they take it above and beyond what most men are capable of. But they get called a "bitch" instead, which is insulting to bitches because these are loyal, family oriented animals who would defend those they love to the death, exactly the opposite of a bastard.

so call women bastards instead.
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