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Other / Power of the Mind
« Last post by Quantum Magi on September 30, 2017, 10:26:24 pm »
So for many years my prime interest revolved around binaural beats and frequency/vibrational manipulation using hypnotherapy and NLP to bring about changes.
I have now completed a couple of courses in hypnosis and I believe I'm quite good at it. Combining the hypnosis with NLP works best if you want to accomplish radical personal transformation in a short space of time. I have also found that these techniques are absolutely amazing if you want to learn new skills like remote viewing. If anyone would like info on this, feel free to contact me.
General Discussions / Looking For My Soulmate
« Last post by Windsong on February 12, 2017, 06:50:55 pm »
Hi Gentle People

Here I am. A lost soul wandering around all by myself. Being gay is one challenge but being different on a physical dimension is not so easy! So please I am sending out this message. It is like phoning ET.
Other / Heaven and Earth
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on February 04, 2017, 09:53:46 am »
 :cry: I was going to post this under "Human Spirits" but that discussion seems to have been mostly people telling me to bugger off and not post so much (or preferably at all) on WotR. Don't worry, I'll soon be too busy working to bother you and you can have your forum back agian :lol:

About human spirits: I hate it when people say that "there are two types of people", but regarding the spirits of living humans I have noticed two distinct "flavors".

I was invited to join a group of people who practices ceremonial stuff or something, it was a lot of fun.
Something which was not unique to them, they had this exercise thing where they would draw energy down from heaven and up form the earth and have them meet. Everyone can do both, but I have noticed a sort of inclination towards either heaven or earth in most people, very few are naturally balanced between the two and few have the discipline to balance themselves.

Everyone can do everything, some just find certain things more difficult than others and have to learn them while others just pick them up naturally.

Here are characteristics I have observed:

People who incline earthwards:
- They are people who find it easy to take on the pain and suffering of others (I don't mean empathy here, I mean actually absorb these)
- They can thrive under adversity since they can draw energy from "unhealthy" sources easily and filter it as the earth does.
- They tend to be very "psychic", intuitive and sensitive types, often emotional.
- They are not afraid to get their hands dirty.
- They have a close connection with and an intuitive feeling for "the spirit world"
- They tend to be practical, even when dealing with abstract things
- To me their spirits appear "dark" although this does not make them "bad" people, many I have met have been very caring and good natures people.

People who incline heavenward:
- They usually value "purity" however they understand the term
- They tend to see energies, situations and even people in terms of "positive and negative"
- They find it very easy to shield themselves from harmful energies
- They are often quite balanced in body, mind and spirit, not favouring one but developing all equally
- They find it easy to channel powerful "cosmic" forces.
- They find it easy to manipulate and control energies around them ("at a distance") without being affected by these.
- They tend to have strong moral convictions or principles (whether they follow them or not)
- They tend to be more "abstract" and academic, they value learning for learning's sake and find it easy to "step back" from situations
- Their spirits appear "bright" to me, although again, this does not make them "good or bad" I have struggled to undo some really, really nasty mischief wrought by people with strong heavenward inclinations (and they felt completely justified in causing such harm to others!)

In terms of morality and personalities, people are people, some good, some bad. I have close friends with both types of spirits and know one or two special people who are equally balanced. They believe whatever they believe and practice whatever they practice.

In terms of ability, everyone can do everything, it is just that for some, certain things seem far easier to learn while others don't seem to come naturally. There is no "better" type and your heavenward or earthward inclination does not determine how much energy or influence you have.

In terms of their spirit, some people seem to naturally draw more from the earth while some seem to naturally draw more from the universe, divinity or heaven.

This is something I have seen and more or less understood for a while but not been able to formulate for some time.
I could not explain why to me some people's spirits seemed "dark" while others seemed "bright" and did not share this with people because it is easy to misinterpret as a judgement on their morality and characters, I have met amazing and rubbish people of both "flavours".
Obviously, not all the characteristics apply to everyone, I was generalising.
Also, sometimes beliefs and ideology can cause someone with, for example, an earthward incline spirit to draw more from heaven and place greater value on the sort of characteristics one would generally associate with someone who was heavenward inclined. If this is done in a conscious and disciplined manner with the intention of improving then it can lead to the person becoming balanced and being able to draw equally from heaven and earth. If however the person is trying to be something they are not or they are unhappy with themselves, etc, then it is more likely that they will simply struggle through things they find difficult that others might seem to find effortless and more than likely think that they are bad at whatever it is they try without realising that they are gifted, just in other areas.   :sad:

Does anyone else see people's spirits as "bright" or "dark" and if so, what is your impression of my theory?
General Discussions / Re: I'm not offended...
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on January 27, 2017, 04:48:14 pm »
Actually, I think you should join me in calling women bastards.
"Bastard" refers to a child born outside of wedlock or outside an officially (normally church) recognised union. This insult is a hangover from a few hundred years back because it is almost exclusively used for men. This is because it relates to the legitimacy of inheritance and when it came to women they couldn't inherit anyway so whether they were legitimate offspring or not was irrelevant.
A woman can technically just as easily be a bastard as a man, but nobody cares whether she is or isn't.

If you want to look at the popular use of the term - many women I know are much better at being "bastards" then a lot of men I know, in fact they take it above and beyond what most men are capable of. But they get called a "bitch" instead, which is insulting to bitches because these are loyal, family oriented animals who would defend those they love to the death, exactly the opposite of a bastard.

so call women bastards instead.
Other / rain
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on January 25, 2017, 06:49:48 pm »
I hear there is a serious shortage of rain in the western cape.
I have asked permission from the nature people here and they are eager to help. I have been trying to send rain by pure intention but I don't know that it is working so I will undertake a synchronised ritual with my friend back home. It will be very powerful, even when I think about it now, I feel something building. It should send enough rain that you won't need to worry.
My friend is very powerful and deeply connected to the nature people.

First I have a healing session I need to do with another friend here and once that is complete I will devote my focus and energies to the ritual.

I wish there was more I could do, I worry about everyone back home.

Peace and blessings.
Magical Menagerie / Mirror People
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on January 14, 2017, 03:07:21 am »
Ok, firstly I would like to tell you not to be silly and become afraid of looking into mirrors.  :cry:
If you were born with the ability to see into other worlds, perhaps you should be more cautions, but if you were born with this ability then you'd know by now and the mirrors would be a picnic!
Actually, fearing seeing yourself in a mirror is a pretty good symptom of being possessed by a malignant or unhealthy spirit (it is the spirit you know is inside you which you fear seeing). My theory goes that storybook vampires don't have a reflection, not because they don't have a soul, but because they won't look in the mirror. I think that the  stories were based on accounts of people who were possessed by spirits, the thirst for blood was not that of the human vessel but that of the spirit... just my theory, anyway...

As a young child I developed a technique for looking "through" things in order to see the spirits in them. I found that I had the ability to see spirits but could not control it.  found a way of looking at things which would reveal spirits to me. Actually, as a child I could never see those 3D things with a picture hidden in them because I was always using this technique instead of simply de-focusing my eyes as others did. It was just my "go-to" way of seeing the true nature of things around me.
One night I thought it was high time I saw who I really was and so I looked at myself in the mirror.
Big mistake.
What I saw terrified and traumatised me for a long time afterwards.
I will do my best to describe it to you now: It was a malformed foetus who's skin hung loosely, weathered and ragged with deep wrinkles like those you'd expect to see in someone who was over 200 years old. The nose was small and not properly formed yet, the mouth was slit-like and slightly hare-lipped. The creature's skin was totally drained of all colour, it wasn't even white, it was pallid. The most pronounced feature of the entity I saw was its eyes. The eyes were huge and black without iris or white, they cast no reflection. From its eyes shone darkness - well, not exactly darkness, more like "anti-light" it was a kind of darkness which extinguished light, the eyes radiated a whole spectrum of "un-colours".
It was not just the creature's appearance which frightened me, it was the belief I had that I had just seen either a spirit which was possessing me or my own true nature. I saw this creature several time again in the mirror and other creatures, some nearly as nightmarish. I did not realise that I wasn't seeing myself, but rather that this was my first experience seeing the entities who can be seen in mirrors.

I have done research on these beings since and found out only a few things.
There was a writer - can't for the life of me remember who, the first one who came to mind was Rudolf Steiner, but I'm almost certain it wasn't him, could have been Sax Roamer(?) - who spoke about how the reflection we see  in one mirror is not a "true" reflection of the world, but the reflection we see in two is - I don't think he was talking about how the image we see is "mirrored" either, but from the context it seemed to imply that he felt that in looking into a mirror we thought we were looking at our world but we were actually looking at another, through the reflection of the reflection we were able to see our world again.  :| The consensus is that the entities we see in the mirrors are not actually in the mirrors but in other worlds and they use the mirrors as windows or even doorways into ours, or we use the mirrors in the same way.

There are countless references to this in popular culture. I think Graham Masterton wrote a story about people being stuck in the mirror world and then there was that movie (which had nothing in common and wasn't that good anyway) - my favourite are of course the urban legends. Bloody Mary, the Three Kings, the Five Questions, etc...
Stories of people invoking beings in the mirror or visiting magical lands abound in folklore and fairytales. I don't think I need to name examples here :rolleyes: 
Not all the creatures we find in mirrors are frightening or dangerous, but as with all things, and as the fairy tales (modern and ancient) caution us, it is better to be safe than sorry.
I am very interested to read more on the beings who can be seen in mirrors, if you have links to websites, academic writings, recommended books or stories of your own to share, please don't be shy!

And remember, of all the things you could see in the mirror, the scariest of them all is
YOU  :hehehe:
Magical Menagerie / Re: "Sims" (online spirits)
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on January 14, 2017, 02:28:20 am »
I have cautioned you about interacting with such entities, and I would like to do so again.
But there may be some who are highly sceptical and there may be some who are equipped to investigate them further 'safely' and are curious about how to find them.

They move about freely, you could 'call them' if you know how (if not I'm sure as hell not going to tell you) just like other spirits. There are some websites which attract their attention though. Mainly, I have found that they are attracted to images. You might think that you could find them if you look up photos of paranormal activities and supernatural beings. You might or you might not, they move around. As for creepypastas, Jeff the Killer appears to be of absolutely no interest to these being and very few of them seem to take much interest in our online horror stories, but there are a few I've observed lurking around the "Ben Drowned" story (I don't know why) and there are quite a few attracted to the "Smile Dog", for the most part things meant to be scary are not of that much interest to them. I've found far more visiting another image far more frequently - the photo of the melted reactor core at Chernobyl, the "Elephant's Foot" is something which seems very attractive to them and you might meet some spirits if you go and look at it. I advise caution once again. Not every spirit on the internet is "evil", but most of them are very different to humans and understanding them, how they operate and their equivalent of a "system of values" - if indeed they have such a thing - is something which will take time and dedication.
thank you.
General Discussions / Re: I'm not offended...
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on January 12, 2017, 07:25:33 pm »
 :smile: Also (taking a break from being controversial for a second) I'd just like to thank everyone on WotR for allowing me to not disclose my gender identity. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what my chromosomes and genitalia look like (well, broadly speaking) but I have never had anyone (even when I raised controversial topics relating to gender and sexuality) tell me "you're just saying that because you're a wo/man..." or "you have no right to say what/how wo/men think or feel because you're clearly not one!"
I am annoyed when offline people tell me that they way I think, what I feel, what I really mean and why is determined by my levels of various hormones and my social conditioning. You know it is actually extreme prejudice to tell someone that they think the way they do because of how their chromosomes, how their genitals or chests look and how much or whatever sex hormone is in their body at that point.
In terms of my spirit, I can do what some think of as "male" and "female" magic with equal ease and here I am a spirit so I really want to thank you all for accepting me as such, for accepting or rejecting my ideas based on whether or not they make sense to you, not on which gender role you have arbitrarily assigned me.

Peace and blessings  :smile:

<goes back to being abrasive> 
Midnight_Carnival wishes you to know that you are free to access all the knowledge and information it has collected over the years for free. It will not charge you any money for any practical or theoretical knowledge, but cautions that there is a fair amount of bullshit and strong (sometimes non-nonsensical or contradictory) opinions. Midnight_Carnival would also like to add that it does not charge money for readings but would welcome donations of food and drink afterwards made in gratitude and while it and its mother do charge money for herbal remedies, this is largely because these cost a lot to make, the recipes and knowledge on herbs we distribute freely and we also give out herbs at our own expense when people urgently need them but can not afford the modest prices we charge.

If my knowledge and experience is any less special because I post it with a whole lot of opinionated random crap here then I'm sorry, it has often served me well. Also, know this: I am a teacher, I am not totally useless in a number of practical fields including but not limited to construction and fashioning useful items and clothing, I can cook well enough that I have a job waiting for me as a cook as soon as the lady I made supper for opens a restaurant despite having had no formal training as a cook or chef, I can garden well enough that people ask me to come back, I can paint houses or painting, I can carve wood and stone and my ceramic creations have received the attention of accomplished and recognised artists, I have had recognised authors encouraging me to get the stories I write published, previous experience has shown that I can work comfortably in managerial and administrative positions even though I hate this and I'm often accused of being too "soft" on employees, I can look after animals and homes, I can sell fairly well and as a last resort could try politics... Even if I can't make money, I can grow my own food, forage and hunt reasonably well.

For these reasons I see no need to fraudulently make a living bullshitting gullible and desperate people [please read this as a comment on how I feel about what charging money for the services I provide would be, not on your own abilities people, I'm sure you're all amazing and worth every cent.]. If I share knowledge or do something it is because as far as I can tell at the time it is true and I believe it will help whoever I am sharing it with. Perhaps I don't know enough to charge people R500.oo for a meditation workshop, but I think I know enough to tell them that they can survive just as well without one.
That is just my opinion and I would not take away anyone's right to feed their families or to charge money for something they do well which is in demand.
Thanks for asking this question, it is something I have wondered about myself at times.
General Discussions / I'm not offended...
« Last post by Midnight_Carnival on January 12, 2017, 04:40:16 am »
I'm not offended easily by things which offend others, in particular, I don't like the sort of situation where people get very offended on behalf of others who aren't even present. Not that I support the underlying prejudice or bigotry which lead to the offence, but it just seems to me that there are a few people who seem to delight in getting offended on behalf of others, sometimes even more than the people, who have a legitimate right to be, actually get. 
Now of course, the fact that I am not offended by something which might offend others does not mean I can say what you should or should not find offensive, nor does it mean I can say whether that offence is legitimate or not. All I'm saying is that things which offend some might not offend me.

Coming from South Africa, I find it strange that so many South African feminists beat the same drum as their counterparts in north-western Europe or north America: gendered language, uneven pay, under-representation of women in top managerial positions and then they twist their doctrine on “rape culture” to somehow fit a South African context and blame “the patriarchy” for it. There's no “culture” about it, we live in a society with alarming rates of gender and sexual violence with many men apparently feeling that they are entitled to treat women as they see fit without any consequences and the discussion is about stereotyping and the media? Maybe, just maybe it has something to do with an assumption about all these men which no liberal feminist would admit to making because if she were to do so, she'd have to admit that she is a racist (which she passionately hates of course) so it is better to keep quiet about what is happening under our noses and talk about things more relevant to the U.S or the U.K?

Ok, now that is already a discussion of itself and one I suspect not that many would be willing to engage me on... but I'm side-lining this for now and going with the gendered language discussion.

Have you noticed how a lot of insults used against women, the sort the feminists get very offended by, relate women to animals? Now I'll be honest, I don't see what is so insulting about some of these. I mean in some cultures to call a woman “a vixen” is to question her morals...

It is strange then that vixens, unlike humans, are monogamous and mate for life. There are recorded cases of a vixen refusing to mate again after her fox has died. Vixens are fastidiously clean and fiercely loyal animals, they are intelligent, graceful, mysterious and beautiful. Granted, a vixen will steal your chickens at any given opportunity, but generally speaking, calling a woman a “vixen” doesn't mean you think she's a chicken thief but a slut* that the image of this creature became so twisted is most unfortunate. Here is what “you're a vixen” means to me:
you are loyal, faithful, enterprising, intelligent, beautiful, mysterious resourceful, magical and charming. Since I don't keep chickens I don't have a problem with foxes (male or female) and wouldn't be insulted to be compared to one.

Now cats: “catty” is an unpleasant way to describe women and as far as I can tell, only women.
Now I'm bearing in mind that there are some hardcore dog fanatics out there who will pick a fight with me over this and pull out “scientific data” which apparently “proves that dogs are better than cats” - this I suspect is because they need a hierarchical relationship with them on top and demand attention, affection and unquestioning loyalty/obedience from their partners, but that's just because I'm a “cat person” of course.
Now you see, with a cat I could actually understand if people were to take the comparison to imply sexual promiscuity, cats are solitary hunters, they are territorial in the wild and it is often that males will be chased off their territory at regular intervals by usurpers. As such, it is a survival strategy female cats employ to make sure that when they come into heat, everybody knows it and let the males fight it out so that the strongest will father her kittens or she will mate with every available male so that her litter is fathered by many tom cats and the strongest will survive. Because they do not typically live in permanent groups with a structure and hierarchy, there are no consequences to how many male cats she mates with and how often she does, they'll probably be gone by next summer anyway and she'll avoid them when she doesn't want kittens, it is making kittens that matters. The same behaviour in a human female could be seen as troublesome because we are not generally solitary hunters and because we live in groups with hierarchies. It is strange then that with the exception of the rather outdated term for a brothel (“cat house”) insulting comparisons between women and cats are aimed at their personality. A “catty” woman is spiteful, disloyal, bad tempered and fickle. Now any cat lover is going to disagree majority on these points. Cats can sometimes be some of these things, especially when they are mistreated, but these are very human characteristics and the comparison is again, misguided. I have been compared to a cat several times and I have taken it as high praise indeed each time. I'm excluding “pussy” of course since that apparently refers to human genitals, not to a cat – that is a topic for another discussion – here is what “catty” means to me:
Clever, independent, strong willed yet subtle, beautiful and well groomed, self-assured, resourceful, mysterious and magical, careful, perhaps a little ruthless but defiantly someone who can take care of themselves, sleek and supple, surprising in good ways, dignified, someone who deserves to be adored and even worshipped (by the Egyptians) someone who solves problems without being asked to (generally small furry problems you find behind cabinets and in the kitchen at night).

And now of course the one which makes feminists see red!
Let me explain how I came to know this word: it was introduced to me by my mother, she told me to never get between a bitch and her puppies. I grew up thinking that the insult “bitch” meant that a woman was ferocious and nasty, but you know, the whole puppy thing kind of gave her just cause to be that way. I mean wouldn't you be ferocious and nasty if your children's lives depended on it? Sometimes we hear “what a bitch” as an angry retort when a woman has done something to upset someone (generally something cold and callous which is actually quite far removed from dog behaviour most of the time) but there is the other meaning I didn't know about as a kid; the “bitch in heat” meaning.
Again, sexual promiscuity.
I won't deny that dogs mate often and sometimes fairly indiscriminately but you should bear in mind that a dog mounting another dog isn't always just about sex, this behaviour serves an important social function in the dog pack, it determines hierarchy and dominance which are important things for a group of violent, toothy carnivores who want to not only get along without killing one another, but also need to cooperate in order to bring down their prey. Female dogs might mount other female dogs, not for sexual gratification but in order to reinforce the social structure. Not all the mating you see between dogs is actually “sex” as we would like to understand the term. When dogs mate to make puppies they will be joined tail to tail, not one on top of the other (even if it starts off like this) and the reason the dogs are joined in this fashion relates to the peculiar anatomy of the males which I won't go into in depth here, but I will say that it has evolved this way to prevent other males from being able to mate with the female for some time afterwards, useful in ensuring your genes live on and not those of your rivals. So yes, the female dog might seem sexually indiscriminate, but they are limited by males fighting and chasing rivals away and by the way they become “dog knotted” during sex. We should also bear in mind that a bitch comes into oestrus only a few times a year compared to a human female every month. While mating might occur or appear to occur outside these times, largely for social reasons I suspect, it is the exception. The truth is that a bitch is far, far less sexually active during her lifetime than a human female.
And while we are about it, lets not ignore the elephant in the room!
I have noticed that comparisons between human males and animals relating to their sexual practices, such as “stud” or “steer” are generally taken as compliments. Does this mean we need to stop mentioning animals names because the animals names are sexist, or does it mean we need to really think about how male and female sexuality are represented in our society?
Anyway, to me this is what a bitch is:
She's frighteningly, almost stupidly loyal, she's affectionate, she's family-oriented and nurturing, she's faithful and forgiving, she's a fierce protector and she won't back down from a fight no matter how bad things get if her loved ones are threatened! If she's a little competitive, so what, she's someone who won't accept where she was put in society and will fight for her place, she's a true friend to those who treat her right and a terrible enemy to have. She's fun to be around, the sort who would love to climb that mountain with you and who doesn't care how undignified it gets as long as we're all enjoying ourselves. That's something I can admire, I wish more of the women I know were “bitches”.

Cow, I mean, seriously, what's so nasty about calling someone a cow? :moo:
Sure, in today's society where women have unrealistic body images thrust upon them, “you cow” could, like “you sow” mean “you're fat!”, but I'd like to ask you if it is calling a woman a cow which is sexist or saying that she can't be beautiful unless she looks like the abominations paraded before you in fashion magazines which is unhealthy? In many societies where a different body shape is regarded as beautiful, we can imagine the whole matter would not be something people would get so upset over. I mean, maybe for some it means “you're beautiful” it could be a perhaps rather crude compliment which infers that you have the business up front and the business behind with wide hips (which many cultures find attractive) – change this perverse obsession with body image we have and which qualities of the cow are we left with? I mean what is so insulting about the comparison, that you are suggesting the woman smells like a cow, that she leaves dung all over the floor, that her flatulence is a contributing factor to climate change?... ok, never mind that last bit!
The point is that cows are serene and gentle creatures (again, provided you don't threaten their young), they have big, beautiful eyes with long lashes and they are very good parents, they are useful and can be regarded as very valuable, in some cultures they are taken as a mark of royalty, cows are accepting and good natures for the most part, they are herd animals and so they are loyal and protective.

If you want to insult a woman by comparing her to an animal, call her a slug or a maggot or a cockroach – these insults would apply to a man just as well. Don't take every comparison between a woman and an animal as sexist, it is not “objectifying women”, it is comparing them to animals, not objects, and as I have just shown, most of these animals, when understood properly, embody amazing characteristics people should be proud to be associated with. If anything the comparisons are disrespectful to the female animals. Don't have the word bitch banned because it is used to oppress women, change what it means. You wouldn't be insulted if someone called you a lioness, would you? Respect the animals for the amazing lessons they teach us and respect yourselves. If people want to display their ignorance, let them! Change attitudes, not words.

And please! The issue here is one of society portraying the male interest in sex and desire as “healthy”, so that if a man does not exaggerate it he's “weak” and the female interest is sex and sexual desire as “sinful”. Is this something feminists will disagree with me on? If not, you can't say in the same breath that the perverse way in which male and female sexuality is constructed in our modern western society is unhealthy and then also that it is sexist to call a woman a bitch because a bitch is a sexually promiscuous animal females wanting sex is evil. It just doesn't add up to me.
Again, I urge you to change attitudes, not words.

Ok, that's just my opinion, feel free to disagree with me if you like.

* the term “slut” originally referred to an uncouth, unkempt and unhygienic woman. “Slut” meant slovenly, the female equivalent of “slob”. How that came to mean sexually promiscuous baffles me, because I can assure you that even desperate men are likely to refuse the advances of a woman who hasn't taken a shower in 2 weeks!
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